Sheffield Adventure Film Festival starts this weekend

Biking on the big screen

The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival starts this weekend February 29th-March 2nd, and there’ll be screenings of the most inspiring action films from around the globe, including the best of the mountain biking, unicycling, climbing, skiing and surfing worlds.

Highlights of the mountain biking action include:

  • Klunkerz, which tells the story of the evolution of the mountain bike from its birth in MarinCounty
  • New World Disorder: Smackdown – freeriding at its best
  • SEVENVISION – Seven riders, with seven styles, with seven visions – from cross country to downhill, this film encapsulates it all in the world’s greatest riding spots
  • Inner Balance, the world’s top unicyclists take it to the next level with trials riding and dropoffs
  • DownhillMountain Biking In The Peak District – amateur film by a group of local teenagers
  • Urban Freestyler - Steve Peat and Brendan Fairclough take us on a whirlwind tour of some local streets and steps

To view the full film listing for the festival and to book the films you would like to see, go to the festival website now.

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