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Lance motivates Indian cricketers, VDB goes indoors and out, Cipo wants his back pay, Planckaert pul

Lance motivates Indian cricketers, VDB goes indoors and out, Cipo wants his back pay, Planckaert pul
PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE Lance Armstrong's influence continues to grow apace if news coming from India is anything to go by. That nation is currently gripped by the cricket test series with the world's best team, Australia, and the Indians have looked to Armstrong to provide them with an edge. Prior to the second of four test matches, the Indian team watched a documentary about Armstrong's battle against cancer and subsequent six Tour de France wins. "Few sportsman inspire as much as the great man," said Indian captain Sourav Ganguly. "His determination and single-minded devotion to his sport is what anyone would want to emulate." Ganguly is hoping Armstrong's story will play some part in helping the Indians recover from the loss of the first game in the series. * Frank Vandenbroucke is throwing himself back into competitive cycling with gusto. After appearing in a run of kermesses for his new team, Vandenbroucke is set to line up in a Belgian cyclo-cross event in Middelkerke this coming Saturday. Next week he will be swapping mud for boards and an appearance at the Amsterdam Six-Day, which is part of his preparation for next month's Ghent Six, where he will be one of the main draws. * Former Lotto-Domo and current Chocolade Jacques directeur sportif Walter Planckaert is hoping to put together a new team for next season. Backed by Fondriest bikes and gel insole manufacturer Spenco, Planckaert says planning for the team is very much in its early stages, but admitted he was interested in taking on former Classics star Eric Vanderaerden as a directeur sportif and that Mario Cipollini and Michele Bartoli were among the riders he is interested in. With Chocolade Jacques pulling out at the end of the season, Planckaert won't struggle to find Belgian riders if the new team does get off the ground. * Before Mario Cipollini thinks about the possibility of joining a new team, it seems he is more concerned with getting paid by his current one. This morning's L'Equipe reports that the Italian sprinter and several of his Domina Vacanze team-mates have told the International Cycling Union that they have not been paid by the team since June. Last week, Domina Vacanze was given a place in next season's Pro Tour after joining up with fellow Italian outfit De Nardi.
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