Shorts: Mayo, Ullrich, Garcia Quesada

ayo quits the race and forces his team into making an apology, further allegations laid against Ull

ayo quits the race and forces his team into making an apology, further allegations laid against Ull


The stage to Pla de Beret turned out to be a personal disaster for Euskaltel team leader Iban Mayo, who didn't even make it as far as Spain before deciding to abandon the race due to the affects of pharyngitis. As if that wasn't bad enough, Mayo's problems were compounded when he swore at a French cameraman, prompting his team boss, Miguel Madariaga to declare he would be "apologising for Mayo's attitude with regard to French television".

Madariaga also admitted he wasn't too sure why Mayo had abandoned in the first place. "We don't know exactly why he abandoned. He will go home and have some medical tests. But our objective will remain the same. We are going to keep going with the riders we have looking to win a stage and to get a rider and the team into the top 10 overall," said Madariaga.

- Germany daily Sddeutsche Zeitung's Friday edition is reporting that Jan Ullrich, who was ejected from the Tour before the start in Strasbourg, allegedly obtained "a preparation of hormones, insulin and corticoids" from scandal-hit doctor Eufemiano Fuentes prior to last year's Tour. The Munich paper makes reference to a programme uncovered by the Operacion Puerto investigative team in Spain for July 2005 in which "Jan" is mentioned and linked with a "preparation of six days of hormones, insulin, corticoids and testosterone". According to the report, the programme also mentions "one unit of treated blood". Ullrich finished third in the 2005 Tour.

A T-Mobile spokesperson responded to the report by saying: "This information does not appear in the report we have received." The spokesperson did say, though, that it was possible "the accusations currently concerning the current season might not be the only ones".

- have lifted the suspension imposed on Spanish rider Carlos Garcia Quesada after his name appeared among the 58 pros on the Operacion Puerto list. Garcia Quesada was suspended on July 1 as a result of being implicated in the case, but his Belgian team have since received no official confirmation in the case. "While nobody is able to confirm his implication, we can't see why Carlos shouldn't take part in races," said team owner Koen Terryn. "Carlos says that since his move to Unibet he has not been in contact with Dr Fuentes, but if it turns out he has lied he will be sacked immediately."

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