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Iban Mayo has a clear-the-air meeting with his Euskaltel team, while Alejandro Valverde puts his nam

Iban Mayo has a clear-the-air meeting with his Euskaltel team, while Alejandro Valverde puts his nam
PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE Iban Mayo and representatives of his Euskaltel team had a clear-the-air meeting in Bilbao on Sunday following comments made by Mayo in the press last week that he was prepared to listen to offers from other teams. Mayo, assisted by his personal representative, Sabino Angoitia, met with Euskaltel team manager Miguel Madariaga and directeur sportif Julian Gorospe. "Julian and me are very satisfied," said Madariaga at the end of the 90-minute meeting. "Iban told us that he is not going to talk about this issue again without the agreement of the team. He told us that he is happy with the team, that there are no problems, and that when he signed his contract with us it was with the aim of completing it. In the end we sorted it all out with a hug." Mayo and Angoitia refused to make any detailed comments after the meeting. Angoitia told El Diario Vasco: "From my point of view everything is the same now as it was before the meeting. Iban is not apologising for anything that he has said and I will listen to any offer that is made to me for Iban Mayo because that is my obligation. What we won't do is make any more public declarations on this issue." * Alejandro Valverde, who sealed his move to Illes Balears at the start of last week, married his long-time girlfriend Angela in Murcia on Saturday. "This week I have signed the two most important contracts of my life," said Valverde after the ceremony. Among those in attendance were Valverde's fellow Murcian pros Francisco Perez, Juan Miguel Cuenca, Jos Cayetano Julia, Jos Luis Martinez and Luis Leon Sanchez, as well as Oscar Sevilla, Constantino Zaballa, Francisco Cabello, Javier Pascual Rodriguez , Santos Gonzalez and Carlos and Adolfo Garcia Quesada.
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