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Success for in Premier Calendar, CSC deny holding dossiers on cycling journalists, P

Success for in Premier Calendar, CSC deny holding dossiers on cycling journalists, P

PIC BY TDWSPORT.COM took the first three places in the latest round of British Cycling's Premier Calendar Series yesterday at the Five Valleys Road Race in Port Talbot, South Wales. Fresh from fifth place in Ireland's Ras two weeks ago, Rob Sharman took his second Premier Calendar Race this season, finishing just ahead of team-mate and Ras winner Chris Newton when the pair broke away from the lead group and won by 1 minute 33 seconds. Evan Oliphant (representing Scotland) made it an all-Recycling podium by sprinting in to take third just ahead of John Tanner (Planet X) and Yanto Barker (DFL).

- CSC has denied claims made by French journalist Gilles Le Roc'h that it holds a secret file on cycling journalists that establishes what measure of access each individual journalist should be given to the team's riders. Le Roc'h, who is also president of the International Association of Cycling Journalists, told Associated Press at the weekend that he had been told that the Danish team held a dossier that reportedly set out whether a journalist was "friendly, sympathetic, awkward or dangerous". Le Roc'h explained to AP that the holding of such a dossier is illegal under French law. According to AP, the alleged dossier's main goal is to prevent access to the team by journalists who are overly concerned with the issue of doping.

However, CSC has responded to Le Roc'h's claim with a firm denial. A statement issued by the team says: "These are very serious and insulting claims and they are all false. We do not have, nor do we intend to make such a file in the future, and furthermore we definitely do not agree with the keeping of such files on journalists. We are known - both nationally and internationally - as a team with a sympathetic, professional and well functioning interaction with the press.

"We have always insisted on cooperating by making both riders and sports directors available to all journalists, whenever a situation required it. We believe in an open and constructive relationship with the press, and we know, that this is also the way we are generally thought of in Denmark as well as abroad. We have contacted Giles Le Roc'h and have demanded a complete retraction of these accusations. We will by no means accept that all the hard work we have done and will continue to do shall be soiled by unreasonable and false accusations such as these."

- The Phonak team have denied a story in today's edition of the Swiss newspaper Blick that Slovenian rider Tomas Nose is set to be released from his contract after allegedly being found in possession of doping products at the Tour de Georgia in April. Phonak team manager John Lelangue has said that "Nose has not been sacked, he is being paid monthly and his contract runs to the end of the year. Nose is a rider who had had a lot of problems since the start of the year, it has been hard for him to integrate."

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