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Gilberto Simoni selects Ivan Basso as the leader of his dream team for the Giro, Baldato gets deal t

Gilberto Simoni selects Ivan Basso as the leader of his dream team for the Giro, Baldato gets deal t


Gilberto Simoni has picked his dream team for the Giro d'Italia. Asked by La Gazzetta dello Sport to imagine himself as a team boss and pick whichever riders he wanted for the race, Simoni started out with Leonardo Bertagnolli "who is both a generous and sincere as a rider and as a man". Next up was Alessandro Bertolini "because he is always in the first five positions in the group and it's absurd that someone like him is still without a team".

Eddy Mazzoleni was Simoni's next selection "because he's a very honourable man", then Spaniard Patxi Vila "whose good humour always helps me" and Fabio Baldato "because he has a huge amount of charisma". The dependable Guido Trentin and the young Marco Marzano were his final two picks, before Simoni was asked to pick his team leader. "Me of course, I'd leave the management of the team to Pietro Algeri," he responded. But at Gazzetta's insistence he selected Ivan Basso as the rider to lead a Simoni-managed team, "because it is certain that he will be my main rival [in the Giro] next season. I'd also put some money on Danilo Di Luca.

- Meanwhile, the charismatic Fabio Baldato has reached an agreement to ride with the Italian Tenax team next season, which will be his 16th in the sport.

- The United Water-Australia U23 at the Jacob's Creek Tour Down Under will be headed by 20-year-old William Walker, who this season became the first Australian to claim a medal in the U23 road race at the World Championships. The American Navigators team is also taking part in the Australian race and will include Irish champion David O'Loughlin, as well as Australians Hilton Clarke and Ben Brooks.

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