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A boost for Comunitat Valenciana at the Tour of Trentino, where the doping police are also in eviden

A boost for Comunitat Valenciana at the Tour of Trentino, where the doping police are also in eviden


Comunitat Valenciana gained a significant boost before their appearance in next month's Giro d'Italia thanks to David Mu¤oz's victory in stage three of the Tour of Trentino. The Spaniard was part of a small group that was allowed its head by race leader Damiano Cunego and the rest of the main peloton.

"Since Manolo Lloret won a stage at the Ruta del Sol we haven't got onto the top step of a podium," said CV team manager Vicente Belda. "We've been riding well, with a good positions and an aggressive attitude, but without finishing things off. So, this victory is important, particularly for the morale of David Mu¤oz, who has a lot of good finishes to his credit, but has failed to win what he should have up to now."

The third stage of the race also brought a visit from Italy's anti-doping police, the NAS. Several arrests were made of people allegedly implicated in a ring that has been trafficking doping products to riders. Among those taken into custody were Daniele Masiani, the directeur sportif of the OTC continental team, former pro Leonardo Guidi, who is the brother of Phonak's Fabrizio Guidi, and two current pro riders, Michele Scotto d'Abusco (Flaminia) and Clemente Cavaliere (Endeka). The NAS are reported to have seized a number of medical products produced in China that are banned in the European Union.

Italian website Tuttobiciweb and sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport are also reporting that Saunier Duval's Riccardo Ricco and Quick Step's Guido Trenti have been implicated in the affair via wire-tapping carried out on a lawyer of some other lesser-known riders. Austrian-based Italian pro Maurizio Vandelli is also reported to have been placed under house arrest in Modena after returning from racing in Austria.

Stage 3, Romeno-Tione

1 David Mu¤oz (Spa) Comunitat Valenciana 168km in 4.01.42
2 Aliaksandr Kuchynski (Blr) Flaminia
3 Ruslan Pidgornyy (Ukr) Tenax
4 Massimo Codol (Ita) Tenax
5 Kanstantin Siutsou (Blr) Acqua e Sapone
6 Raivis Belohvosciks (Lit) Universal Caffe
7 Giancarlo Ginestri (Ita) Tenax 0.08
8 Daniele Pietropolli (Ita) Tenax 0.49
9 Andrea Tonti (Ita) Acqua e Sapone
10 Eddy Ratti (Ita) Naturino


1 Damiano Cunego (Ita) Lampre-Fondital 12.39.40
2 Luca Mazzanti (Ita) Panaria 0.04
3 Ratti 0.08
4 Tonti 0.10
5 Emanuele Sella (Ita) Panaria 0.14

- Alessandro Petacchi took his second consecutive win at the Tour of Lower Saxony in Germany, beating Graeme Brown and Peter Wrolich in the bunch sprint. The victory confirmed the Milram sprinter's overall lead

Stage 2, Nienburg-Bckeburg

1 Alessandro Petacchi (Ita) Team Milram 174.1km in 4.11.26
2 Graeme Brown (Aus) Rabobank
3 Peter Wrolich (Aut) Gerolsteiner
4 Danilo Hondo (Ger) Lamonta
5 Steffen Radochla (Ger) Wiesenhof
6 Marco Velo (Ita) Milram
7 Olaf Pollack (Ger) T-Mobile
8 Mathew Hayman (Aus) Rabobank
9 Marek Rutkiewicz (Pol) Intel
10 Elnathan Heizmann (Ger) Regiostrom


1 Alessandro Petacchi (Ita) Team Milram 8.27.45
2 Brown 0.10
3 Hondo 0.14
4 Wrolich 0.16
5 David Kopp (Ger) Gerolsteiner 0.19

- Crdit Agricole's Laszlo Bodrogi has completed a lengthy testing session at the Bordeaux as he prepares for a post-summer attempt on the world hour record. The Hungarian used the Look bike that has been built specifically for his attempt and was recently tested in a Paris wind-tunnel. The steel bike with carbon forks is reported to be similar to the Look 496 time trial bike Bodrogi uses on the road.

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