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The German press speculates on Ullrich, Pantani cocaine overdose confirmed, Kelme to be taken over b

The German press speculates on Ullrich, Pantani cocaine overdose confirmed, Kelme to be taken over b
PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE German press speculates on Jan Having been given the big build-up by the demanding German press, Jan Ullrich is now being knocked down by the German tabloids. They haven't reacted well to another defeat for Ullrich by Lance Armstrong, and the 1997 Tour winner's failure to even finish as the top German in the race has only added to the head-in-hands tenor of many of the headlines there today. Mass circulation paper Bild asks 'Will T-Mobile drop Ullrich?' in its coverage of the Tour today, while sports paper Kicker wonders if 'An angry Godefroot is making plans without Jan?' The more serious analysis of quality daily Die Welt speaks of a lack of communication between Ullrich and T-Mobile manager Walter Godefroot, who accused his star rider of not being properly prepared for the Tour earlier this week. Football club to take over Kelme? The Comunitat Valenciana-Kelme may now have their new team kit, but it seems the Valencian regional government is already looking for new management to take the team over, and more precisely the Elche football club near Alicante. According to a story in today's edition of AS, the CV-Kelme management have made an approach to the club, proposing that its experienced sports management team take over cycling's longest standing cycling team. The Valencian government are also offering to plough five million euros each year into the proposed new structure, which would see current directeur sportif Vicente Belda remain in charge of racing affairs. The Elche club have been approached with this proposal because a regional centre of sporting excellence is being built at their stadium. According to AS, the regional government's proposal would offset a commitment it had already made to take up a 99-year hire of some apartments in the new complex. Coroner confirms Pantani's overdose The forensic scientist who has been producing a report into the death of 1998 Tour de France winner Marco Pantani in February has confirmed that he died of an overdose of unusually pure cocaine. The scientist, Giuseppe Fortuni, is due to hand over a 230-page report on the cyclist's death to a Rimini magistrate on Wednesday. Fortuni denied previous reports of Pantani's demise being hastened by combining large amounts of cocaine with numerous anti-depressant tablets. According to Fortuni's report, there were no signs of any other harmful product in Pantani's body besides cocaine. Pantani, the report says, was in a "delirium caused by cocaine, he had practically lost contact with reality."
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