Singlespeed Worlds berth on offer in Kiwi nationals

Inky needle and shot at global glory await victor

Qualification for the Singlespeed World Championships (SSWC) is on offer for the winner of the 2008 New Zealand Singlespeed Mountain Bike Championship, which takes place in Rotorua between April 25 and 27.

The 2008 SSWC take place in Napa, California this year, and one place has been held for the winner of the New Zealand race, which has generated plenty of interest among singlespeeders from Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

The obligatory tattoo for the winning male and female rider will continue this year. Graeme Simpson, a member of the New Zealand Singlespeed Championship team said: “That’s a Singlespeed tradition we’re not messing with. Both the first man and first woman will receive a fantastic tattoo, designed by a local artist, Bryony Edwards. No tattoo, no title.”

Those wacky singlespeeders, eh?

For more information and online entry see the 08 Singlespeed Champs page on

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