South Downs Double record in progress

Rob Lee aims for two hundred off-road miles in one day

The South Downs is a hefty chunk of chalk on Britain’s south coast which has more bridleways per square inch than anywhere else in the country. It’s a mountain biker’s paradise – and it’s currently being ridden by UK endurance rider Rob Lee, who aims to ride along the

Downs Way
from Winchester to Eastbourne and back within twenty four hours.

Only three riders have completed the challenge before – Mike Cotty, Neil Newell and Ian Butler. Rob Lee is attempting the record completely unsupported – carrying all directions, food, and other kit. He’s stopping at public water taps to refill his water bottles.

Rob started from Winchester at last night, and after well over fifty miles in the dark his  one-way time was about 9 hours 45 minutes. Rob is riding with an on-board GPS, and you can track his progress via the live reporting page.

We’ll update this story when he completes the double with his final time and more pictures of the challenge…

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