Sprint stars to clash at Revolution 9

It's Great Britain versus the Netherlands at the next Revolution track meet at the Manchester velodr

It's Great Britain versus the Netherlands at the next Revolution track meet at the Manchester velodr
PIC BY TDWSPORT.COM A host of top names will be riding the boards at the ninth Revolution track meet - and the first of season three - at the Manchester velodrome on Saturday October 15, including Chris Hoy, Theo Bos and Rob Hayles. Sprint world champion Victoria Pendleton will be joined by fellow Brit - and bronze and silver medallist at the recent junior track world championships - Anna Blyth in taking on strong Dutch pairing Yvonne Hijgennar and Willy Kanis across a variety of events at Revolution 9. The four women will earn points in events that include a match sprint, a two-up team sprint and a 'one-mile dash'. "It's great to have a competition across different events because if you're going badly in one you can make it up in the others," Pendleton said, "which leads to exciting racing particularly with only four riders - every point is crucial. It's rare to ride in front of a crowd like the one at Revolution. Hopefully Anna and I can give the crowds something to shout about!" In the men's events, the visiting Dutch riders will have their work cut out against some top British riders, including Olympic kilometre champion Chris Hoy, fellow team sprint world champion Jason Queally, and team pursuit world champions Rob Hayles, Chris Newton and Paul Manning. But with the riders from the Netherlands including kilometre world champion Theo Bos and keirin world champion Tuen Mulder, the Dutch will be keen to put on a show during the packed programme of events. For more information, and to book your tickets, check out cyclingrevolution.com, or book by phone on 0700 594 2579, or by calling Manchester velodrome on 0161 223 2244 and selecting option three.
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