SRAM pART Project benefiting World Bicycle Relief

Online auctions open today; celebratory Chicago gala tonight

SRAM solicited artists, sent them a box of 100 parts, and told them to make some art—to benefit SRAM’s World Bicycle Relief Foundation, which brings bikes to underdeveloped regions to better access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunity. The fundraiser is called the SRAM pART Project.

The online auction for the 46 related pieces of art starts today, 20 November, and SRAM President Stan Day and World Bicycle Relief founder, F.K. Day will host a gala Wednesday, 30 November at Chicago’s Gallery 1028. The gala starts at 6pm, and costs US$134, the price of one World Bicycle Relief bicycle.

The auctions start between $500 and $1000. Artist Kendal Polster’s SRAM Not SWAM work (pictured), was the first to sell, and has already closed, at a final bid $25,000.

The works of art will be displayed and evaluated at the gala, and top artists will win a chance to visit the beneficiaries of the World Bicycle Relief program in Africa.

SRAM’s pART Project art works have previously been shown at the Interbike TradeShow.

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