Stage 2 - good day, bad day

Wegmann loses his spots but still stands out, Pat McQuaid wraps a riddle in an enigma, and Tom Boone

Wegmann loses his spots but still stands out, Pat McQuaid wraps a riddle in an enigma, and Tom Boone
PIC BY TIM DE WAELE Good day Fabian Wegmann OK, the Gerolsteiner livewire had to hand over the jersey he calls "the Tour's most beautiful" to breakaway hero David de La Fuente, but only after he'd visibly relished his day as the Tour's King of the Mountains. Wegmann's second escape in two days, this time on the Cte de Kanfen 14km from the finish, served up further evidence of his perky current form. He'll keep stacking up the KOM points and could be helped by polka-dot jersey aspirant Danilo Di Luca's withdrawal on Monday. Walter Godefroot The former T-Mobile chief will have afforded himself a wry smile on hearing his successor Olaf Ludwig declare that "Rudy Pevenage will never work for the team again!". This of course had been Godefroot's intention right from the moment when Pevenage deserted T-Mobile in favour of the ill-fated Team Coast at the end of 2002. Godefroot thus joins the swelling ranks of those who, for various reasons, have been vindicated by Operacion Puerto. "Rudy Pevenage's name was removed from my vocabulary in 2002...I don't see any reason for it to get past my lips now." Bad Day Pat McQuaid It seems that Jan "I-have-no-contact-with-Fuentes-oh-yes-maybe-I-do" Ullrich's indecision is catching. This morning's Le Figaro quotes UCI president Pat McQuaid: "I've seen the list of names [in the Operacion Puerto dossier]... This affair in Spain doesn't only concern cycling but also athletes, tennis players, basketball players and footballers". Now fast forward a few hours. It's McQuaid again: "I said, 'I was lead to believe that there were footballers on the list,' which is what I'd read from the reports in Spain." Misquoted or mistaken? Answers on a postcard... Michele Ferrari The sport's most controversial doctor-cum-trainer-cum-svengali probably won't be buying his next handset from T-Mobile: the German team's managers have told three of their riders that Ferrari remains a persona non grata despite his successful recent appeal against a conviction of "sporting fraud". One of that trio, Michael Rogers, confirmed tonight that he will phone Ferrari at the end of the Tour to tell him that their collaboration must end. Tom Boonen The reigning world champion missed out for the second day in a row, claiming that today's stage was "six times harder than the Tour of Flanders". If that's hard to believe, then we saw enough today to concord with Boonen's estimation that "if tomorrow's too hard, then I'll win the next day."
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