The Canadian city of Calgary saw celebrations aplenty on Sunday night as Steve Peat was unofficially

The Canadian city of Calgary saw celebrations aplenty on Sunday night as Steve Peat was unofficially crowned World Cup Champion.

Steve has built up an unassailable lead in the competition with only one round to go. Sunday's race saw him coming home safely in third place, despite heavy rain at the end of the final session. With some of the fastest qualifiers coming in well down the board due the inclement conditions, Steve made a last minute decision to switch to mud spikes, a move that would help him pick up third place and 165 WC points.

With a total of 980 points to his name, Steve is now guaranteed the crown of World Cup Champion, even if he doesn't race round six in Italy.

Round six will prove crucial for the women's competition as three riders take it to the wire, Sabrina Jonnier, Celine Gros and Tracey Moseley all have a chance to grab victory in Italy, Tracey's chances may be slim, and would require both second place Celine and current leader Sabrina to finish outside of the points in Livigno, but as we saw this weekend the weather can turn the tables in a very short space of time.

While the race for the title continues, congratulations are in order for Rachel Atherton who podiumed fifth on Sunday, only two seconds behind Tracey Moseley.

4x saw the return of Brian Lopes - fully recovered after his buggy accident - who joins the race for the title just as it's finished.

With Michal Prokop winning again, he, like Steve, is uncatchable, a situation which is mirrored in the women's 4x with Sabrina Jonnier also unstoppable in her domination this season.

With this season all but wrapped up, we await the World Championships in France, hoping that the Brits can keep up their current form.


4X Men

1 - Michal Prokop
2 - Roger Rinderknecht
3 - Eric Carter

4X Women

1 - Sabrina Jonnier
2 - Jill Kinfer
3 - Tara Llanes

DH Men

1 - David Vasquez Lopez
2 - Markolf Berchtold
3 - Eric Carter

DH Women

1 - Celine Gros
2 - Sabrina Jonnier
3 - Tracy Mosely

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