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Is the world championship losing its status? Should it be moved? Is it becoming another race dominat

Is the world championship losing its status? Should it be moved? Is it becoming another race dominat
PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE We've had a lot of feedback to our story and poll about the position of the world championships in the pro calendar. While most of you believe that the Worlds should be moved to a position earlier in the season, many suggest that the lack of so many big names from the event is just another sign of cycling's growing obsession with the Tour de France. What follows is a representative sample of the feedback we have received on this issue: It is Freire's special love of the World Championship that makes him so strong in that race and not the date on which is held, just as it is with Lance Armstrong at the Tour de France. Cycling is becoming a more and more specialist sport, and I don't think that we will see ever again someone dominating both one-day races and multi-week races as it happened before. Jose Luis Alvarez de Soto, Madrid, Spain As the poll shows, keeping the Worlds in October is a no-brainer. With all the current efforts to see continuity throughout the season, having the Worlds after the Tour de France would go along way towards selling one-day races to the global audience who think that the TDF is the only bike race that matters. Ian Glen, UK What we need is everyone riding at peak form. That is usually the beginning of July. So instead of having the National Championships a week before the Tour, they should maybe instead have The Worlds on that date. There's then some chance that Armstrong, Ullrich, Mayo and all the others missing from Verona may be there. It's also clear that the courses should be made harder in general. Look what's happened to Milan-San Remo. It's become a bunch sprint every year. Kevin Blackwell The Worlds, the spring classics and an increasing number of shorter tours are victims of the all-important Tour de France. Teams, cyclists and even the media and sponsors are holding out for the Tour, at the expense of almost all other events. Should the UCI make attendance compulsory? I would hope not. I do, however, fear that without action the Worlds will be seen as being no more than a weekend club run. Dewi Williams, Stoke-on-Trent, UK SIMPLE solution, place it IN the Tour de France, allow the race to include other teams for just the day of the TT and then the ROAD race as well. Of course, the details would have to be worked out carefully but I am sure a smart person could figure out how motivate the best riders in the world to race against each other on that day in the Tour de France. Kevin Rice Do you think there are any solutions here? Are, in fact, any solutions needed, and should we just be happy with the Worlds in the current place on the calendar? Let us have your views at
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