Finding nothing about MBUK favourite's Robbie B and John Cowan on the Kona website we got onto Kona

It's OK, Robbie Bourdon and the Kona Clump Crew are back in 04
Finding nothing about MBUK favourite's Robbie B and John Cowan on the Kona website we got onto Kona straight away. MBUK has plans for getting together to do some mad shoots with these guys this year.

At first there was a disturbing lack of solid info, but no need to worry. It's now been officially confirmed that Kona's semi-organized team of traveling beer cans and the industry's most progressive-thinking group of out-of-bounds riders - is back and intact.

Robbie and John, along with Joe Schwartz, Dave Watson and Grant Allen will continue to take the sport of mountain biking to new heights as they travel the world competing, filming, coaching and exploring in 2004.

The 2002/2003 season was a big year for the Clump with Bourdon dropping that unbelievable line at Red Bull, Watson gapping Le Tour, Cowan expanding his bag of DJ tricks to include back flip cross-ups and such, J Schwartz staying healthy to put down some sweet lines, and Grant opening many people's eyes to the new definition of vertical relief.

Result is they have to do still more, still bigger this year. The boys are currently resting and healing in preparation for a very demanding 2004 schedule.

This year, the Clump team will be riding on Stinky Seven and Seven bikes (with Marzocchi 888 forks). The crew will also be proto-testing the new Stinky Supreme by summertime. Watson will be one of the first on the new Stab Supreme, and Cowan will be on his new signature hardtail as well as a prototype dual suspension DJ machine.

The Kona Clump is supported by Marzocchi, Race Face, Fox, Hayes, Shimano, Tioga and Mavic.

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Main pic: John Cowan goes up and around

Pic 1: Gravity sucks

Pic 2: Cowan and Watson looking well moody
Pic 3: Clump Team Meeting, it's tough...
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