Three goals for Lelangue

New Phonak boss John Lelangue has set himself three goals, and hopes to achieve the first of them wh

New Phonak boss John Lelangue has set himself three goals, and hopes to achieve the first of them wh
PICTURE BY TDWSPORT.COM Recently appointed Phonak team manager John Lelangue has said that he has three goals in his new role - regaining the confidence of the International Cycling Union, getting the Swiss team into the ProTour and finding the team a sponsor for next season. The first of those, Lelangue says in today's AS, is his overriding priority, because without the UCI's support there is no chance of the other two objectives being achieved. Lelangue refused to make any comment about last season's events at Phonak, when leading riders Tyler Hamilton, Santiago Perez and Oscar Camenzind all tested positive. "We're starting over and I think the first few months will be all about regaining our credibility," said Lelangue, the former deputy of competitions at the Tour de France. "We have signed the ProTour's ethical code, despite not being part of the circuit, and we are going to go well beyond the controls that the UCI is demanding of teams. We will be monitoring our riders right through the year and if we find anyone with any kind of strange parameter we won't let them compete. All those riders who have a doctor of their own have signed a form stating who that doctor is and obliging them to inform us if any health problem arises. It's clear that there is no such thing as zero risk, but it is also clear that we can't permit an error with doping." Lelangue denied that his former elevated role in the Tour organisation would be enough to guarantee Phonak a place in this year's race. Although confident that the team will be given a wild card place with Ag2r when they are announced on January 31, Lelangue said that his main task after regaining the confidence of everyone in the sport would be to find a sponsor for next season - "Phonak, preferably, or with another sponsor." New Phonak directeur sportif Juan Fernandez backed up Lelangue's positive attitude towards the allocation of a Tour wild card, and emphasised the importance of that decision, saying: "If the Tour says yes, it will open a lot of doors for us and Phonak would almost certainly continue with their sponsorship. I think we deserve a place because of the quality of the team we have. Cofidis were also tainted by doping, but they took measures and the Tour accepted them last season. Our case is very similar."
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