Thrills, spills and chills at Dartmoor Classic

1,600 riders battle the rain on Devon sportive

If the first Dartmoor Classic was too wet and the second too hot, the third edition of this increasingly popular sportive failed to produce the hoped-for Goldilocks conditions. One thing that was just right, however, was the job done by organisers Mid Devon Cycling Club.

Efficient signing-on and start arrangements, impeccable marshalling, bountifully stocked feed stations, a family-friendly departure village and a course that was demanding without being pointlessly gruelling – it all combined to create an event that offered a high degree of rider satisfaction.   

Conditions looked to be shaping up perfectly as around 1,600 riders set off on the 100km and 100-mile routes, but climbing above the tree line and into the National Park itself, as the distant rock formations known as Tors hove into view, it was clear that if the weather did turn there would be no escape.

At around 30 miles' distance the first sight of the brooding Victorian prison near Princetown was enough to scare anyone into filing squeakily clean tax returns, but more importantly it meant the first feed station was not far ahead.

Once there, timing mats logged interim times and riders filled their pouches before the 100km and 100-milers went their separate ways. For the longer distance cyclists, the thrilling descent of Peek Hill was a chance to clock their top speed of the day, with 50mph entirely possible.

Late in the morning it began to look like there was a good chance of rain setting in and sure enough, by early afternoon the initially light precipitation was growing steadily more persistent. After the second visit to the Princetown feed station a chilly, driving easterly wind had given the rain droplets a flinty, face-stinging quality while the by-now greasy road surface meant caution was required when cornering at speed.

Dartmoor classic 2009: dartmoor classic 2009
Dartmoor classic 2009: dartmoor classic 2009

© Phil O'Connor,

A damp cattle grid caught one holidaying Scottish participant out and after crashing heavily he was flown to hospital in Plymouth by air ambulance. With a cracked vertebrae plus multiple cuts and bruises, he didn’t exactly come off lightly, but after a night under observation he was discharged to continue what sounds like an unforgettable family trip. 

At around about the same time as his crash, his young son broke his arm in a fall at their Devon holiday cottage. Should he be tempted to risk his luck next year, Mid Devon Cycling Club has offered the rider free family accommodation and free entry to the event.

For those who did make it to the finish, there was a ripple of applause to welcome them home plus a mounted lump of Dartmoor granite to take away as a memento of a great day. The better riders also collected gold, silver or bronze medals, though an early rush of 100km medallists meant some were in short supply for 100-mile finishers and would have to be sent by post at a later date.

For those of us too slow to secure silverware, missing out somehow didn’t seem too big a disappointment – completing the course was reward enough, and in any case, the 2010 edition is getting closer every minute. 

© Phil O'Connor,

Times (100-mile)

Rob Lyne (Giant CC)05:26:08
Matt Kettel 05:31:33
James Gold 05:32:31
Sam Groves 05:39:37
Garry Pike (Alltrax)05:40:10
Philip Moore (Las Vegas Institute of Sport and Performance Cycling)05:40:49
Bert Kimpen (De Doortrappers)05:42:21
John Wynn 05:42:21
Simon Coles (Northover/Rudy Project)05:42:26
Ashley Watts (Torbay Triathlon)05:42:51
Elliott Porter (Team Freak)05:43:58
Andrew Walsh 05:44:01
Keiran Bartlett 05:45:57
Becky Tetley 05:48:38
Phil Hopley (C3XC)05:49:13
Andy Kay (Road Cycling UK)05:52:06
Andrew McDougall 05:52:38
David Price 05:53:20
Jason Honey 05:53:36
Calvin Down 05:53:37
Mark Barlow (Dales Racing Team)05:54:52
Guy Selincourt (Camel Valley CC)05:54:54
Daniel Falconar 05:59:24
Jamie Balment 06:00:30
Lee Sanderson (Royal Navy and Royal Marines Cycling Association)06:00:47
Chris Vellacott (RNRMCA)06:00:58
Mark Westlake (McCheesefour)06:01:10
Simon Neill (Chippenham Wheelers)06:01:20
Zac Warwick (Bikin Motion)06:01:46
Nick Sky (Brighton Mitre)06:02:44
Stuart Fahey (Brighton Mitre)06:02:45
David Carpenter 06:04:05
Jason Woolfe 06:04:11
Giles Oakley (Clevedon & District RC)06:04:36
Young Simon (Certini)06:05:01
Anthony Foster 06:06:00
Jonathan Evans 06:06:08
David Evans (RNRMCA)06:06:10
Stephen Raine 06:06:20
Andrew Kelly (Somerset RC Tri)06:06:37
Dan Connor (RNRMCA)06:06:50
Stephen Chaplin 06:06:52
Graham Carter 06:07:07
Peter Moore (Las Vegas Institute of Sport and Performance Cycling)06:07:48
Richard Hallett (Road Cycling UK)06:07:51
Stephen Sincock (Exeter)06:07:51
Andy Winterbottom (Somerset RC)06:09:10
Alastair Mucklow 06:09:25
Francis Doyle06:09:28
James Mason (Ayr Roads CC)06:10:14
Diane Abraham 06:10:18
David Ward (Portsmouthnorthend)06:10:48
Phil Ember (Kingston Wheelers)06:11:29
Ian Dennis 06:11:57
Jon Casey 06:12:39
Tony Vesty (End 2 End In 10)06:12:46
Matt Lewis (
Paul Sweenie (Bristol South)06:14:54
Stephen Copp 06:15:06
Paul Waite (Fife Cycling 2000)06:15:24
Ken Hill 06:15:40
Duncan Walker (Kingston Wheelers)06:16:47
Miles Earl (YOGi)06:17:00
Peter Reville (YOGi)06:17:09
Mark Edmonds 06:17:21
Nigel Ashman (Votwo)06:17:27
Gary Mitchell (Cardiff Ajax)06:17:34
William Platt (Kingston Wheelers)06:17:35
Mark Hardwicke (Bournemouth Arrow CC / Hotel Collingwood)06:17:46
Norris Riley (BADtri)06:17:57
Nigel Watts 06:18:36
Andrew Peters (CS South Hams)06:18:36
Iain Hammond 06:18:39
Richard Marsh 06:19:24
Iain Mccarthy 06:19:24
Nick Creasy (Packet of 3)06:19:38
John Hancock 06:19:48
Adam Tullett 06:19:54
William Debois (YOGi)06:19:55
Nicholas Amlot 06:20:20
Simon Kellam 06:20:30
Rick Fielder (Army CU)06:20:35
James Howman 06:20:50
Matthew Wardle 06:21:01
Dominic Krepski 06:21:01
Jon Yates (Shred Racing)06:21:02
Ed Warren (Shred Racing)06:21:03
Dan Maker (Shred)06:21:05
Richard Price 06:21:29
Andrew Lee 06:21:32
Richard Pascoe 06:21:33
Andrew Lee (Bike Chain Ricci)06:21:35
Richard Carter (Bininmotion CC)06:21:58
Alan Sheldon 06:22:06
Sean Tobin 06:22:06
Nick Percival 06:22:10
Glenn Higson (RNRMCA)06:22:31
Andrew Cresswell 06:22:33
Barrie Whitehead (RNRMCA)06:22:37
Scott Mcluskie 06:23:16
Nicholas Avery 06:23:26
Peter Housley 06:23:35
Steven Mccarthy (RNRMCA)06:24:08
John Cowen 06:24:49
Martin Dufty (PCCC)06:24:57
Jason Fee 06:25:46
Steve Toze (Shred Racing)06:25:53
Nigel Muntz (Shred Magazine)06:25:54
Peter Branfield (Tavistock Wheelers)06:26:34
Andrew Chattaway 06:27:22
Robert Baker (Greenwich Tritons)06:27:27
Andrew Davis 06:27:52
Steven Toy 06:28:02
Tim Arkell (Plymouth C CC)06:28:18
Edward Joslin (Penzance Wheelers)06:28:24
Ben Thompson 06:28:50
Mr Greenhous 06:28:51
Charles Mitchell (Velocity Bikes CC)06:29:55
Charles Maunder (London Dynamo)06:29:55
Robert Lillicrap 06:29:57
Mark Alderman (North Devon Wheelers)06:30:05
Ian Jewell 06:30:06
Andrew Stokes 06:30:08
Paul Jones 06:30:10
Antony Buchan 06:30:27
Karl Pitman 06:30:28
Owen Clay (St James' Velo)06:30:33
Michael Waterjohns (Somerset Road Club)06:30:50
Kieran Halloran 06:30:50
John Payne (Penzance Wheelers)06:31:14
Terry Witney 06:31:16
Tim Heal (Ashfords)06:31:38
Ian Dean 06:31:59
Nigel Orpin (CS Dynamo)06:31:59
Carl Ward (South Fork Racing)06:32:08
Tim Clifford06:32:46
Paul Greatbatch (Guerciotti)06:32:51
Dean Hunt (RNRMCA)06:32:54
David Hobbs 06:32:55
David Potter 06:32:57
Les Coulman (Team Alba)06:33:09
Ian Lindsay 06:33:30
Michael Goldsworthy 06:34:10
Richard Long 06:34:16
Oliver Humphreys 06:34:23
Simon Greenslade 06:34:23
Michael Alden (Ashfords)06:34:51
Andy Collins (Tea Club... Sshhhh it's a secret)06:34:57
Steve Staniland (Bournemouth Arrow)06:35:17
Shane Williams (Penzance Wheelers)06:35:24
Tom Atwill 06:35:27
Tony Staples 06:35:32
James Sansum 06:35:40
Andy Rowe 06:35:41
Kath Key (Falmouth Wheelers)06:35:41
Hilary Parkinson (Falmouth Wheelers)06:35:43
John Emery 06:35:50
Ian Roberts (YOGi)06:36:03
Paul Barrett 06:36:04
Rowan Gray 06:36:04
Van Gitte (De Doortrappers)06:36:47
Richard Brown (Tavistock Wheelers)06:37:29
Peter Hughes (Dorset Rough Riders)06:37:34
Duncan Spires06:37:45
Adrian Colyer 06:38:11
Neil Bailey 06:38:38
Neil Langdon (Giant UK)06:38:44
Richard Smith (Birmingham Running and Triathlon Club)06:38:55
Phil Gwynne (Chippenham Wheelers)06:39:10
Paul Bennett (Melton Olympic CC)06:39:42
Hugo Rees 06:39:53
Alex King (
Steve Kirby (Plymouth C CC)06:40:10
Dan Murphy (Camel Valley C&TC)06:40:15
James Willetts 06:40:16
Jacqueline Easton (Dirt Divas)06:40:19
Andrew Baverstock 06:40:32
Richard Willmott 06:40:34
Anthony Bryant (Penzance Wheelers)06:41:05
Martin Dixon 06:41:25
Adam Roberts 06:41:54
Mark Selman 06:42:20
Andre Hooton (Bikinmotion)06:42:27
Tom Norrish 06:42:42
Matt Willson 06:42:44
Andy Cook (Chippenham & Dist)06:43:09
John Stockley 06:43:18
Paul Upton (North Road)06:43:36
Sean Farrell (Kingston Wheelers)06:43:38
Michael Deacon (Tavistock Whs)06:43:45
Rob Shaw (Bude)06:43:51
Mark Patterson 06:44:15
Mark Brock06:44:30
Jason Mann (Torbay Tri Club)06:44:47
Steve Cotton (Cambridge CC)06:45:18
Greg Venn 06:45:23
Lee Herbert 06:45:24
Aengus Little 06:45:25
Chris Long (TVS Sherborne)06:45:42
Sean Hewlett 06:45:43
Craig Russell 06:45:47
Steve Wakeland (Team MK)06:45:54
Barry Baines (Bristol South CC)06:46:09
Neil Fenn 06:46:12
James Reis (Bristol South CC)06:46:12
Adrian Sluman (Plymouth CCC)06:46:36
John Clemit (Yeovil CC)06:47:04
Charles Witts (London Dynamo)06:47:43
Clive Stringer 06:48:40
Jayne Rendall (Thames Valley Tri)06:48:41
Quinn Cutler 06:48:41
David Else 06:48:42
Christian Burgar (Molesey BBT)06:48:57
John Scobie (West Midlands Police)06:49:23
James Scawn (Plymouth Cycle Scene)06:49:26
Jon Watts (Sheffrec CC)06:49:28
Simon Hague 06:50:25
Steve Price (Exeter Tri)06:50:26
Steve Clare (YOGi)06:50:31
James Horrell (YOGi)06:50:32
Don Rigby 06:50:35
Mark Westwood (YOGi)06:50:35
Benjamin Wright (London Phoenix)06:50:51
Iain Stuart 06:50:52
Steven Hawes 06:50:53
Mike Greiner (Fareham Wheelers)06:51:05
Jon Parkinson (Torbay Tri Club)06:51:06
Andrew Longthorpe (Torbay Tri Club)06:51:07
Martin Brandon (CC Luton)06:51:08
Chris Combe 06:51:25
Andrew Palmer 06:51:35
Stephen Straughan (Exeter Tri)06:51:42
Chris Kemmner 06:52:05
James Hardwick 06:52:25
Roger Ridley (RNRMCA)06:52:42
Stewart Cox (RNRMCA)06:52:45
Rob Godfree (YOGi)06:52:49
Francis Taylor (Campellton Crocs)06:53:11
Chris Law 06:53:19
Ken Smith (Bicester Millennium CC)06:53:27
Ashley Snee (Vulcan CRC)06:53:28
David Smith (BMCC)06:53:29
Ken Holder (Paramount CRT, Shrops)06:53:38
Phil Rowan-Smith 06:53:56
Kim Wiltshire (YOGi)06:53:57
Alan Wakely 06:54:00
David Aleu (Plymouth Tri Club)06:54:06
Paul Griffin 06:54:32
Simon Jerwood (CTC)06:54:43
Roger Floyd (CTC)06:54:45
Glyn Knight 06:54:58
Will Frost 06:55:21
Steven Wood (London Dynamo)06:55:48
Nick Coles 06:55:48
Danny Hardstone (Meridian CC)06:55:50
Simon Robinson 06:55:53
Paul Derrick (Severn Road Club)06:55:55
James Wonnacott (C3XC)06:55:56
Simon Ford (
Richie Rowland (Shred Racing)06:56:26
David Smith 06:56:48
Ben Pyne 06:56:51
Matt Claydon 06:56:52
Dan Kenyon (Liverpool (Dolan) Mercury)06:57:00
Ian Miller 06:57:02
Daniel Kempe (Bristol South CC)06:57:21
Stuart Patten-Lawrence 06:57:23
Lee Atkinson (CTC)06:57:44
Mark Norton (On & All)06:57:47
Ian Scott (PCCC)06:57:47
Justin Roberts (Plymouth CCC)06:57:52
Richard Addy 06:58:06
Ronald Peters (Tamar CC)06:58:09
Tom Moran 06:58:12
Neil Minion (Plymouth Tri Club)06:58:18
Christopher Thorpe 06:58:26
Mark Harding 06:58:43
Andy Unstead (Team End 2 End in 10)06:58:50
Tim Halloran (YOGi)06:59:06
Jonathan Gay (Team End 2 End in 10)06:59:07
Andy Franks 06:59:45
Jo Goodey 07:00:04
Timothy Bridgman (Okehampton CC)07:00:23
Phillip Parks (Okehampton CC)07:00:23
Darren Holland 07:00:41
Stuart Harris 07:00:41
George Augsburger (Brixton CC)07:00:42
Thomas Steven (South Hampshire CTC)07:00:52
Ian Sutton 07:00:54
Ian Lobb 07:01:01
James Johnson (Devon & Cornwall Police)07:01:34
Sam Jones 07:01:38
Richard Allison (Cyclopropane AS)07:01:45
Vince Clare (YOGi)07:02:01
Suzanne Conway 07:02:06
Perry Beale 07:02:07
Brian Smith (Bristol South CC)07:02:08
Andy Powell (YOGi)07:02:11
Simon Vogwell 07:02:51
Daniel Balthasar 07:02:55
Jeremy Simmons 07:03:03
Marcus Childs 07:03:16
Sam Heal 07:03:21
Rob Scott (Raleigh UK Avanti RT / PCCC)07:03:46
Andy Nosworthy (Plymouth Corinthians)07:03:53
Thomas Fox 07:04:10
Alun Aldridge 07:04:31
Andrew Carpenter (South Hams CS)07:04:37
Howard Milner (Velocity Bikes CC)07:04:45
Mark Roberts 07:04:50
Gavin Burnside 07:04:52
David Fletcher 07:04:58
David Ambrose 07:05:11
Andrew Skinner (Skinem Skinner)07:05:16
William Byrne 07:05:24
Simon Thacker (Penzance Wheelers)07:05:25
Colin Gorton (Parrett Pedallers)07:05:30
Peter Coupland 07:05:31
Paul Church 07:05:33
Jez Parsons 07:05:39
Brian Woodhouse 07:05:44
Steve Knowles 07:05:51
Mark Smith (Camel Valley C&TC)07:05:54
Howard Tinne 07:06:09
Adrian Wills (Ashford Wheelers)07:06:09
Andrew Legge (Bristol South CC)07:06:09
John Cecil (One and All)07:06:26
Robin Jones (Climb-On-Bikes)07:06:35
Phil Rogers 07:06:42
Nicholas Timmis 07:06:54
Vaughan Brean 07:07:17
Paul Gammons 07:07:20
Helen Thomson (Salisbury Tri club)07:07:34
Michael Bentham (Brighton Mitre)07:07:39
Stuart Morton 07:07:39
Chloe Thomas (Cycling Weekly)07:07:41
Huw Williams (Cycling Weekly)07:08:04
Julian Winn 07:08:13
Maurice Wragg 07:08:25
Peter Nancekivell (End to End in 10)07:08:29
Craig Fisher (Bikinmotion CC)07:08:31
Stewart Nighitngale 07:08:37
Jonathan Wall 07:09:07
Thomas Graham (CS South Hams)07:09:16
Trevor Gynn (Okehampton)07:09:20
Paul Gore 07:09:36
Mark Harvey (YOGi)07:09:37
Andrew Morris 07:09:45
Joseph Ivey (Mixed Bag)07:10:01
John Ambrose 07:10:02
Antony Pollard 07:10:27
Michael Cleary (Manchester Wheelers)07:10:32
Neil Ayres (Alltrax)07:10:42
Andrew Robson 07:10:53
Martin Legg (Tavistock Wheelers)07:10:55
Robert King 07:11:03
Edward Baker (Ful-On Tri)07:11:04
Harri Jones 07:11:09
Timothy Deal 07:11:11
Steve Sanders (Wantage CTC)07:11:14
Richard House 07:11:22
Clive Calmeyer 07:11:28
Sam Wragg 07:11:31
Ian Brooks 07:11:32
Chris Robilliard 07:11:35
Simon Grose (Tri Logic)07:12:12
Mike Rose 07:12:17
Matt Jackson (Plymouth Cycle Scene)07:12:43
Bob Richards (RNRMCA)07:12:50
Tim Penson (TravelWise)07:13:25
Daren Crosbee 07:13:26
Mark Beeson 07:13:26
Shaun Crosbee 07:13:27
Patrick Gelder (MBT Friends)07:13:54
Henry Lowson 07:14:13
Phil Battishill (Okehampton CC)07:14:21
Justin Bass 07:14:24
Adam Slater 07:14:40
Tim Searle 07:14:43
Willoughby Morgan 07:14:50
Toby Jacobs 07:14:53
Andrew Bowyer (Okehampton CC)07:14:57
James Mottram 07:15:14
Justin Marney 07:16:00
Benjamin Offa-Jones 07:16:03
Mark Johnson 07:16:04
Keith Offa-Jones 07:16:07
Andrew Currie (D&C Police)07:16:14
Matthew Haslar 07:16:17
Ian Homer 07:16:34
Michael Baker (Sidmouth CC)07:16:43
Andrew Preston (CC Weymouth)07:16:46
Barry Tarr (RNRMCA)07:16:53
Paul Trueman 07:17:03
Jennie Kingdon 07:17:27
Ian Kendall 07:17:27
Tom Diacon 07:17:55
Greg Learoyd 07:18:05
Brian Price (Cardiff Ajax CC)07:18:35
David Owen 07:18:37
Simon Johnson-Ferguson 07:18:40
Gregory Cox 07:18:52
Dave Rowe (St Austell Running Club)07:19:17
Andrew Staton (Abergavenny RC)07:19:21
Mark Newnham (Worthing Excelsior)07:19:31
Adrian Foster 07:19:41
Chris Jones (Tavistock Wheelers)07:19:49
Michael Earthy 07:19:49
Mark Parrish (Father)07:20:01
Robin Radford (Somer Valley CC)07:20:21
Tristan Thompson 07:20:32
Luke Smith 07:20:49
Matthew Surzyn (Bicester Millennium CC)07:20:53
Bryony Costin (Bicester Millennium CC)07:20:54
Graham Ford (HMPS Du-Tri Club)07:20:58
Gareth Yoxall 07:21:04
John Day 07:21:09
Jonathan Evans 07:21:20
Philip Austin 07:21:34
Raymond Claridge (Crabwood CC)07:21:51
David Chattaway 07:22:00
Mark Fletcher 07:23:00
Nick Thwaites 07:23:09
David Bayliss 07:23:10
Shaun Walbridge (Plymouth Corinthians)07:23:13
David Stephens 07:23:18
David Coghill 07:23:25
Christopher Malone 07:23:29
Ian Dring 07:23:35
John Faulkner 07:23:36
Richard Evans 07:23:38
Alastair Peake 07:23:53
Dean Douglas (Wantage CTC)07:24:10
Michael Cowham 07:24:15
Neil Easton (Suitors Buckingham)07:24:30
Taka Wu 07:24:37
John Wright 07:24:38
Jim Patterson (Braking Wind)07:24:47
Philip Simister 07:24:58
Jeremy Humphries 07:25:05
Tony Smith 07:25:07
Laurence Staynings 07:25:08
Niel Mccoy 07:25:10
Paul Parkinson (Falmouth Wheelers)07:25:21
Steve Hill (Altrax)07:25:21
Mark Pepper 07:25:21
Reg Gilbert07:25:25
Mark Stamp 07:25:54
Nick Crowley (Team Nomad)07:25:57
Garry Simpson 07:25:58
Jason Mitchell (Team Genius)07:26:04
Robert Axe 07:26:19
William Kinsella 07:26:36
David Morris 07:26:41
Edward Hunt 07:26:42
Glen Luscombe 07:26:49
Richard Horn 07:27:03
Robert Taylor 07:27:10
Thomas Barker 07:28:24
Michael Scott 07:28:40
Matthew Owen 07:28:49
Richard Drysdale (Team Bikus)07:29:01
Jason Howells 07:29:03
Mark Howells (Exeter Triathlon Club)07:29:06
Robert Baker 07:29:07
Richard Woodland 07:29:26
Andrew May 07:29:45
Linda Dawe 07:29:47
Edward Mason 07:29:50
Simon Lewis 07:29:50
Ingrid Lundmark 07:29:52
Jon Lumb 07:30:13
Simon Hammond 07:30:39
Edward East 07:31:40
Trystan Hawkins (Plymouth Hospitals)07:31:49
Adrian Rhodes (Sad Loner)07:32:07
Adrian Turner 07:32:58
Andy Rowe 07:33:32
Keith Chapman 07:33:34
John Carter 07:33:35
Colin Rowe 07:33:44
Michael Sanders (Dulwich Paragon)07:33:44
Peter Edwards (One and All)07:34:19
Ben Hale 07:34:29
Craig Ashby 07:34:29
Ken Crompton (Bolton Clarion CC)07:34:36
Peter Rees 07:34:50
Ken Fields (Knaresboro Racing Team)07:35:01
Paul Hammond 07:35:22
Matthew Hobbs (Plymouth Cycle Scene)07:35:29
Kevin Perry 07:35:48
Robert Newling (Coventry Road Club)07:35:50
Andrew Chapman 07:36:27
Nicholas Martin-jones (Royal Marines)07:36:35
Nick Penmore 07:36:52
Jakob Bronebakk (Serpentine)07:37:05
Warren Bloomer 07:37:34
Gary Bees 07:37:36
Lucy Goldsmith (YOGi)07:37:38
Mark Napier 07:37:44
Jon Hodson 07:37:46
David Colclough 07:37:49
Toby Cooper 07:37:51
Trevor Blagg 07:38:13
Nick Sutcliffe (BarTri)07:38:34
Chris Newton 07:38:55
Ross Kernick (RNRMCA)07:39:09
Roddy Payne (Yeovil CC)07:39:35
Malcolm Mckendry (CTC Torbay)07:39:36
Dave Arthur (Dirty Dog Racing)07:39:41
Simon Scott 07:39:42
Peter Weekes 07:39:46
Tom Forshaw 07:39:46
Martin Kelly 07:39:48
Barry Hocken 07:39:53
Nigel Salter (Bridgwater CC)07:40:04
David Palmer 07:40:17
Ian Clark 07:40:38
Mark Byrne 07:40:44
Andrew Hosking 07:40:48
Michael Browne 07:40:50
Steve Bench07:40:58
Tom Butler (New Forest CC)07:41:23
Harvey Cochrane (Exeter Wheelers)07:41:41
Peter Ashford 07:41:44
Mark Corlett 07:41:45
Darren Avery (Bridgwater CC)07:41:52
Richard Gundry 07:41:54
Roger Punch (Yealm Rouleurs)07:42:10
Tim Jackson07:42:10
James Baggott 07:43:21
Nicholas Braxton 07:43:42
Marcus Clark 07:44:16
Joseph Rintoul 07:44:29
Nick Erdal 07:45:28
David Wilcock 07:45:34
George Crompton 07:45:35
John Pooley 07:45:35
Kevin Bowen 07:45:47
Clive Astman 07:45:54
Tim Baker 07:45:56
Brett Cantello 07:45:57
Mark Ford 07:45:59
Scott Parrish (Father)07:46:08
Phil Warner (Willesden CC)07:46:21
David Richardson 07:46:58
Robert Beckley 07:47:15
Phillip Milnes 07:47:15
Mike Lemin 07:47:19
Sean Nolan 07:48:02
Stephen Main (CTC Devon)07:48:56
Chris Williams (Ludlow Cycling Club)07:49:00
Andy Easterbrook (Team Wildoo)07:49:01
Mark Blatchford 07:49:04
Chris Garrity (Swansea Wheelers)07:50:13
Rob Parry 07:50:21
Daniel Bartley (Redhill CC)07:50:52
James Balfour (McCheesefour)07:51:00
Jonathan Bradbourne (Redhill CC)07:51:00
Nicholas Parr (Plymouth Cycle Scene)07:51:01
Julian Bollington 07:51:17
James Orpin 07:51:42
Paul Lovejoy (Bude CC)07:52:13
Stephen Channing (Bude CC)07:52:14
Carolyn Evans 07:52:45
Lynda Mc 07:53:11
Chris Glazier 07:53:12
Johan Nell 07:53:14
Sarel Hiemstra 07:53:15
Tim Taylor (TnT)07:53:24
Andrew Kings-Welton (Devon & Cornwall Police)07:53:56
Michael Lee (Sid Valley Cycling Club)07:54:07
John Cooper (CTC Devon)07:54:28
Dennis Walsh 07:54:45
Daniel Weston (North Devon Wheelers)07:54:57
Martyn Jones 07:55:06
Matt Farley 07:55:18
Sam Clarke (Mixed Bag)07:55:35
Martin Painter 07:55:39
Ross Llewellin 07:55:55
James Clark 07:56:17
Sarah Clark 07:56:19
Nigel Shurben (Maidenhead & District CC)07:56:22
Yasmin Biggins 07:56:43
Adam Biggins 07:56:46
Stace Birks (CS Dynamo)07:56:55
Steve Jones 07:57:06
Paul Ong 07:57:06
Dan Butcher 07:57:08
Keith Farquhar 07:57:11
Dave Skinner (Audax UK)07:57:26
Paul Carter 07:57:27
Christopher Bentley (Swindon Wheelers)07:57:33
Vedran Kosoric (Rollapaluza CC)07:57:34
James Gould 07:57:39
James Parker 07:58:54
Robert Lind (Middlesex Road Club)07:59:05
Ros Fish 07:59:25
Jansen Morris 07:59:36
James Berwick 08:01:22
Paul Golding 08:01:23
Jose Clements 08:01:25
Claire Farley 08:01:34
Gary Spicer 08:02:15
Thomas Milnes 08:02:28
Bruce Bower 08:02:34
Neil Henderson 08:02:42
Debra Searle 08:02:56
Murray Turner 08:03:00
Kevin Hall (Cape Cornwall Gig Club)08:03:01
Brennan Townshend 08:03:10
Tim Woodman 08:03:16
Andrew Crompton 08:03:19
Barry Beer 08:03:28
Nick Atwill 08:03:30
Andy Parritt 08:03:50
Christopher Scott 08:03:59
Steven Germon 08:04:28
Mark Greenfield (RNRMCA)08:04:36
Michael Quarterman 08:04:50
Sean Hudson (Falmouth Wheelers)08:04:56
Katherine Leigh 08:05:18
Andrew Leigh 08:05:20
Brian Moore 08:05:34
James Romain 08:05:41
Simon Moxon 08:05:42
Andrew Gaydon 08:05:43
Steve Mace (Plymouth Triathlon)08:06:07
Greg Anson 08:06:45
Neill Metcalfe (Bikinmotion)08:07:10
Paul Laban (Mixed Bag)08:07:12
Lewis Jones 08:07:13
William Hoare 08:07:19
Neil Parker (Coventry Road Club)08:07:22
Robert Williams 08:07:26
Mark Haplik 08:07:42
Karin Mangelschots 08:07:44
Anthony Bensley 08:07:44
Dave Lobley 08:07:54
Josef Janssens 08:07:56
Peter Naish 08:08:37
Tom Clarke (Mixed Bag)08:09:00
Neil Graham 08:09:07
Mike Williams 08:09:18
Joe Garner (Torbay Triathlon Club)08:09:29
Paul Clark (Torbay Tri Club)08:09:30
Christopher Batch08:09:38
Paul Martin 08:10:22
Dave Humphreys 08:10:24
Andrew Mckenzie 08:10:34
Richard Mace (Falmouth Wheelers)08:10:43
Chris Cowen 08:11:01
Chris Leaman 08:11:12
Jonathan Martyr (DE & J Levy)08:11:56
Nicholas Strachan 08:11:57
Nigel Down 08:12:18
Kevin Wood 08:12:22
Paul Nelson (Cape Cornwall Gig Club)08:12:42
Robert Bunker 08:12:55
Rob Hill 08:13:12
Peter Fitzgerald08:13:29
Andrew Symington 08:14:10
Charles Caton (Butlers Bravados)08:14:13
Tim Donell (Butlers Bravados)08:14:14
Lee Maher 08:14:16
Mark Stevens 08:14:47
Harriet Whewell 08:14:55
Simon Treglown 08:15:48
Michael Driscoll 08:16:41
David Pittard 08:16:59
David Morgan (Tri-Logic Cornwall)08:17:24
Tony Jordan 08:17:48
Ally Martin 08:18:27
Lloyd Kersh 08:18:29
Vicky Tester 08:18:44
Michael Carroll (Devon DA)08:18:53
Laurence Watkins 08:19:00
Chris Fearnley (Truro CC)08:19:13
Simon Robinson 08:19:13
Stephen Piper 08:19:22
Paul Shatwell 08:19:48
Paul Evans (Mixed Bag)08:20:14
Nigel Moore 08:20:35
Yana Nanbaltova08:21:32
Stephen Garlick 08:21:33
Wiliam Metcalfe (Team Bikus)08:22:00
Richard Millward (Team Bikus)08:22:05
Martin Tinkler (Team Bikus)08:22:07
Laurent Grenen 08:23:17
George Flint 08:23:42
William Edwards (Gillingham Wheelers)08:23:52
Terry Cernuda 08:23:53
Paul Waterhouse 08:23:59
Graham Hunt 08:24:31
Robin Fevin 08:24:54
Peter Bedwell 08:25:05
Mark Appleton (Cycling Plus)08:25:20
Romola Parish 08:26:37
Martin Levi 08:27:47
Thomas Bennetts 08:28:16
Royston Wood 08:28:40
Steven Taylor (RNRMCA)08:28:56
Pedro Bonillo (Weston Wheelers)08:29:14
Bill Barnes (CTC Devon)08:29:34
Peter Treglown 08:30:40
David Partridge 08:31:27
Steve Partridge 08:31:28
Michael Penberthy (Tri-Logic)08:32:08
David Cook 08:33:00
Mark Jones 08:33:40
Mark Bolton 08:34:13
Phil Flanagan 08:35:09
Karl Gillard (Mixed Bag)08:36:33
Jono Wardle (Falmouth Wheelers)08:36:54
Malcolm Proudfoot 08:37:11
Timothy Inman 08:37:24
Peter Molloy 08:37:39
Michael Beadel (One and All)08:37:51
Steve Reynolds 08:38:05
Mark Anderson 08:39:39
Fred Pullen (Falmouth Wheelers)08:40:03
Phil Moore 08:40:18
Richard Holmes 08:40:24
Nickie Moore 08:40:29
Stephen Adcock 08:41:55
Annemarie Swinnen 08:42:19
Roland Maes 08:42:20
David Fearnehough 08:42:54
Steve Carden 08:43:20
Keith Mulhern 08:43:22
Alison Galloway (Tri-Logic)08:43:55
Hugh Gardner 08:43:55
Paul Old 08:43:58
Denise Cardew (Tri-Logic)08:44:03
Max Johnson (Tri-Logic)08:44:07
John Carter 08:44:45
Lisa Pook 08:44:58
Kensa Rescorla 08:46:07
Ian Anderson 08:46:53
Rob Connolly 08:46:54
Jason Beever 08:47:08
Barrie Cardew (Tri-Logic)08:47:41
Andy Blake (Welland Valley CC)08:49:33
Martin Brown (Ely & District CC)08:49:52
Darren Hutchinson 08:49:54
Stellios Panayiotou 08:49:59
Gary Pullin 08:51:18
Robert Wood 08:51:19
Chris Paul 08:51:36
Mike Hall 08:52:53
Edward Foster 08:53:02
Julian Fox 08:53:15
Sean Powers 08:53:21
Trevor Morrison08:53:22
James Fremont 08:53:29
Paul Ellis (Reading)08:53:42
Philip Ellis 08:53:43
Dave Manship 08:54:01
Trevor Lowther (Cheshire Roads Club)08:54:02
Graham Wood 08:54:02
Janet Watson (Tri-Logic)08:54:09
Matt Walker 08:54:29
Catherine Wingate 08:54:29
Helen Coates 08:54:31
Steve Holford 08:54:34
Kilian Hall 08:54:38
David Jones 08:55:26
Graham Pooley (Behind the Bike Shed)08:55:48
Geoff Close 08:56:13
Alasdair Mcgregor 08:56:20
Mark Lillie 08:56:28
Barry Davey 08:56:41
Simon Denton 08:56:43
Colin Steer (St Budeaux CC)08:57:15
James Ridout 08:57:18
PF Joyce 08:57:58
Stephen Lightfoot (Falmouth Wheelers)08:59:25
Keith Mulhall 08:59:42
David Hewet09:00:49
Charlie Wale 09:01:52
Steve Vellacott 09:02:11
Neil Mitchell 09:02:13
Adam Corney 09:02:24
Matthew Reed (Westside Wheelers)09:02:24
Steve Mitchell 09:03:21
Lewis Barlow 09:03:40
Steve Maynard (Truro CC)09:04:02
Daniel Hughes (Gillingham & District Wheelers)09:04:04
Paul Glendell 09:04:18
William Ellerton 09:04:30
Andrew Chaplin 09:06:12
Ian Gardiner 09:07:25
Anthony Asbridge 09:08:44
Richard Fuller (Falmouth Wheelers)09:10:07
Ray Cooke (YOGi)09:10:17
Richard Chaplin 09:10:59
Matthew Kemp (St Budeaux CC)09:11:00
Xavier Brice 09:11:46
James Walker-Arnott 09:12:45
Paul Cooms 09:14:23
Christopher Bennett 09:14:33
Donald Morris (Falmouth Wheelers)09:18:35
Richard Punt 09:21:48
Sarah Danning 09:22:16
Ali White 09:22:16
Jim Tomkinson 09:22:16
Robert Rick 09:22:17
Justin Bishop (D&C Police)09:22:18
Duncan Baldie (Truro Rock Zombies)09:23:25
Simon Cudd 09:23:51
Mick Scrimshaw (Welland Valley CC)09:24:08
Kevin Woodland (Black Country Triathletes)09:24:31
Andy Jackson 09:29:01
Simon Lee (The Mettle Cyclists)09:30:16
Markus Sikkel 09:30:19
Paul Ffitch 09:32:07
Amanda Bramwell (Falmouth Wheelers)09:32:12
Julius Ainsworth 09:32:15
Greg Hales 09:32:38
Terry Barnett 09:32:51
Patrick Horne 09:32:54
Ian Dowling (Team End 2 End in 10)09:34:21
Anna Everett 09:34:25
Andrew McKay-Ferguson 09:37:41
Peter Titley 09:40:40
Andy Thompson 09:44:32
Dan Hilsdon 09:46:35
Andy Wiltshire 09:46:57
James Cook 09:46:57
Andy Smith 09:47:37
Andy Brown 09:55:07
Paul Winstanley 10:02:04
Christopher Pounsberry 10:07:25
Neil Braithwaite 10:11:12
Tim Davies 10:14:49
Jamie Phillips 10:14:50
Mark Reece 10:16:02
Brandon Gwillam (Teign Valley Pedal Bashers)10:26:05

Times (100km)

Jonathan Purday (Devon Docs)03:39:24
Peter Callahan (TnT)03:39:27
Dave Harcombe (CS Dynamo)03:40:15
Greg Braund 03:40:44
Mark Pollard (Starcross Yacht Club)03:45:20
Samuel Hatfield (Durham University Triathlon Club)03:49:16
Mark Davidson 03:49:21
Paul Gibbins 03:50:25
Robert Spoors (Somerset RC Tri)03:50:26
Fran Bullock 03:51:00
Mark Harvey 03:51:01
Christopher Seavell 03:51:12
Andy Stovell 03:53:08
Andrew Gray (YOGi)03:53:55
Howard Mallett 03:54:31
Colin Castein 03:55:33
Emet Custons-cole (Braking Wind)03:56:57
Jonathan Gilling (Somerset RC Tri)03:57:02
Neil Black (TravelWise)03:59:33
Andrew Vian 04:00:56
Philip Norsworthy 04:01:02
Anthony Brady 04:01:04
Julyan Clint 04:01:04
Penny Gardiner 04:01:17
Paul Saunders 04:03:05
Matthew Blofeld 04:03:57
Paul Bartlett 04:04:24
Julian Harper 04:04:24
James Varah 04:04:24
Steven Medlock (CS Dynamo)04:04:25
Christopher Pascoe (Penzance Wheelers)04:04:25
Mark Rockett 04:04:57
Mike Harding (
Jonathan Katz 04:05:38
Malcolm Hilton 04:05:45
Catherine Powrie (Exeter Tri Club)04:05:45
Hamish Gallacher 04:06:06
Matthew Gooding 04:07:05
Patrick Roberts 04:07:33
Dominic Fenton 04:07:40
Jamie Bull 04:08:41
Stuart Fitton 04:09:46
Robert Booth 04:09:56
Chris Adcock 04:10:02
Victoria Gibson 04:10:12
Roger Evans 04:10:24
Andrew Wright (Team Wings Reunited)04:10:30
Leighton Tellem (TravelWise)04:10:34
Paul Sutton 04:12:12
Michael Joslin 04:12:21
Holly Russell 04:12:28
Alex Smith 04:13:59
Andrea Wallace (Teign Valley Pedal Bashers!)04:14:06
Andy Westcott (Motorola)04:14:09
Matt Morgan 04:14:35
Julian Webb 04:14:36
Lee Cann 04:15:33
Mike Doble (Barrie CC, Canada)04:16:22
Phillip Yunnie 04:17:01
Trystan King 04:17:19
Rob Kirkham 04:17:20
Ian Harrison 04:17:32
Simon Merrick 04:18:03
Simon Hill (CS Dynamo)04:18:31
Steve James (Motorola PTP)04:18:40
Mark Phillips 04:18:41
Stephen Parker 04:19:24
Richard Traynor04:19:27
Roger Watts (Lewes Wanderers)04:19:27
Keith Craggs 04:19:31
Roger Ebner 04:20:02
Darren Suffolk 04:20:23
Andrew Butcher (TravelWise)04:20:25
Mark Beacham 04:20:26
Rachael Darby (YOGi)04:20:52
Debbie Hancock (Alltrax)04:20:55
Roger Sands (Yealm Rouleurs)04:21:08
Garth Tutte 04:21:14
Paul O'Neill 04:21:40
Stephen Hall (YOGi)04:21:48
Geoff Whitlow (Tavistock Wheelers)04:22:03
Kate Berry 04:22:38
Steven Mitchelmore 04:22:40
Paul Bainbridge 04:22:42
Malcolm Graham 04:22:42
Richard Stone (Somerset Road Club)04:22:44
Alistir Fowler (Braunton Blokes)04:22:49
Matt Badger 04:23:14
Chris Jones 04:23:44
Jonathan Brightman 04:23:48
Terence Timms 04:23:59
Carl Shorter 04:24:06
Oliver Christian 04:24:13
Chris Mills 04:24:14
Alan Fewings (Torbay Triathlon)04:24:24
Robert Palmer 04:24:50
Emily Curtin (ECTC)04:25:10
Andrew Ostler 04:25:29
Harvey Dann 04:25:39
Robert Davis 04:25:45
Murray Davis 04:25:47
Colin Mackenzie (Tavistock Wheelers)04:25:52
Mike Homer (YOGi)04:25:55
Huw James (Torbay Council)04:25:56
Chris Bamforth (YOGi)04:25:59
Peter Merrin 04:26:06
Michael Hill 04:26:52
Nicola Hill 04:27:03
Paul Mackie 04:27:10
Andrew Ash 04:27:16
Michael Beattie 04:27:27
Robert Graham 04:27:41
Matt Trinder 04:27:57
Daniel Welch 04:27:57
Toby Reid 04:28:02
Simon Mcintosh 04:28:05
Tom Odling 04:28:11
Mark Read 04:28:19
Martyn Lowe 04:28:50
Mark Wadey (Bath CC)04:28:51
Jon Hodge 04:28:53
Neil Damerell (Plymouth Harriers)04:28:56
Peter Dent (Princess Yachts)04:28:56
Luke Turney (Tachycardia)04:28:58
Ian Preece 04:29:04
Mike Perrow 04:29:07
Nick Cooksley 04:29:21
Rob Owen 04:29:25
Ben Epps 04:29:35
Marc Hill (Torbay Tri)04:29:56
Iain Harris 04:30:26
Richard Eyre 04:30:26
Stephen Coker 04:30:40
Anton Dudnikov 04:30:44
Greg Hattan (GOWCC)04:31:14
Paul Brennan (Plymouth Triathlon)04:31:21
Colin West (GOWCC)04:31:46
Paul Bray (YOGi)04:31:56
Lloyd Collins 04:32:09
Jerry Cleall-Harding 04:32:29
Paul Reynolds (Bikinmotion)04:32:39
Josephine Currie 04:32:44
Conrad Stevens 04:33:13
Denis Mills (TravelWise)04:33:26
Paul Hammacott 04:33:49
Brian Hanscomb (CTC)04:33:49
Jason Cripps 04:33:55
Peter Ellis 04:33:55
Danial Halsey 04:33:57
Mark Healey 04:33:57
Jon Hill 04:34:04
Martin Hill 04:34:21
Stephen Forrow 04:34:34
Paul Driver (Ipswich Bicycle Club)04:34:46
James Henderson 04:34:53
Julian Sanders 04:35:16
Simon Winskill 04:35:18
Paul Stephens 04:35:31
Tim Adams04:35:51
Robert Mcintosh 04:35:53
Phil Siebert 04:36:12
Richard Harris 04:36:26
Sandra Dring 04:36:31
Derek Lee 04:36:35
Ben Phillips 04:37:23
Roger Blofeld 04:37:26
Mark Vallei 04:37:42
Diccon Haynes 04:37:49
Stuart Westaway 04:38:01
Carl Williams 04:38:16
James Bapty 04:38:53
Mark Watson 04:39:11
Nick Roberts 04:39:12
A Preston (YOGi)04:39:17
Anthony O'Keefe (Plymouth Triathlon Club)04:39:19
Mike Walton04:39:22
Robert Chalk 04:39:23
Joanne Boardman 04:39:26
Tracy Elphick 04:39:27
Peter Reville 04:39:27
Frazer Osment 04:40:19
Craig Brennan-Osment 04:40:24
Gary Barnett 04:40:40
Joe Bevins 04:41:45
Sam Bevins 04:41:45
Richard Newton 04:41:48
John Snow (D&C Police)04:41:49
Andy Keast 04:42:22
Ian Glendinning (Teign Valley Pedal Bashers!)04:42:24
Jon Hart 04:42:57
Darren Burdett 04:42:58
Dominic Castle (Ipswich Bicycle Club)04:43:42
Chris Southwell 04:43:43
Michael Heath 04:43:58
Becky George 04:44:22
Penny Aitchison 04:44:23
Mark Wilson 04:44:23
Steve Davey 04:44:28
Keith George 04:44:29
Ella Corbett 04:44:37
Annette Roberts 04:44:38
Olly Curtis 04:44:58
Gavin Fothergill 04:45:01
Jeremy Guy (CC Weymouth)04:45:28
Peter Swift (Warrington Tri Club)04:45:37
Hayley Kyte (Plymouth CCC)04:46:00
Matthew Chubb (YOGi)04:46:21
William Yates 04:46:22
James Clayden (Cake Chasers)04:46:34
Richard Dale (Cake Chasers)04:46:35
Ian Smith (One and All)04:46:51
Nell Everitt (Torbay Triathlon)04:47:03
Matthew Stayte 04:47:21
Roy Wiggins04:47:33
Chris Bittlestone 04:47:39
Helen Couch 04:47:41
Nicola Jeffery 04:48:02
Mr Jeffery 04:48:03
Kevin Bolt 04:48:39
Phil Rycroft 04:48:56
Thomas Peddar (Certini)04:49:04
Richard Stewart (1st Chard Wheelers)04:49:13
Ashley Cox 04:49:19
Luke Hudson 04:49:29
Anthony Lamb (TravelWise)04:49:30
Adam Clarkson 04:49:35
Stacey Rich 04:49:36
Bill Hurst 04:49:48
Christopher Sullivan (TravelWise)04:50:11
Tim Simpson 04:50:24
Neil Jenkins 04:50:26
Sarah Matthews 04:50:40
Gary Read 04:50:51
Jacqui Cook (Chippenham & Dist)04:50:57
Andrew Riley 04:51:46
Gareth Williams 04:52:01
Alan West 04:52:13
Robert Walker 04:52:14
Ian Stevens 04:52:17
Kerrie Trembling (Ful-On Tri)04:52:21
Rory Hutson 04:52:49
Alan Francis (SWVAC)04:53:26
Patrick Hogan 04:53:30
John Chalmers 04:53:33
Tom Moore 04:53:36
David May 04:53:43
Nick Ramm 04:53:44
Julian Page (GOWCC)04:53:52
Stephen Thompson (GOWCC)04:53:54
John Large 04:54:21
Thomas Bounford 04:54:23
John Squara 04:54:24
Alison Joslin 04:54:35
Andrew White 04:54:50
Paul Clarkson 04:54:54
Ewan Miller 04:55:04
Dave Hutton 04:55:18
Bernard Mitchell (Halesowen A&CC)04:55:20
David Gooding 04:55:22
Sally Norsworthy 04:55:28
Johannes Rothman 04:55:34
Richard Belcher (DCC)04:55:55
David Lancaster 04:55:59
Christopher Parrish 04:56:14
Damien Holloway (TravelWise)04:56:19
Nick Hamzij 04:56:26
Jonathan Hawker 04:56:35
Mike Tindall 04:57:07
Gary Bailey 04:57:20
Jon Coward (Wanborough Vets)04:57:21
Steve Broadway (Wanborough Vets)04:57:41
John Bean 04:58:14
Ian Stell 04:59:14
Richard Pepper 04:59:17
Simon Loten 04:59:17
Mark Heamen 04:59:30
Mr Simmonds 04:59:30
Andrew Alston (Ludlow Cycling Club)04:59:36
Graham Morris 04:59:42
Karl Gooch 05:00:55
Clive Gooch 05:00:56
Ian Tyres 05:01:04
Tony Rowell (Tri-Logic)05:01:06
Martin Nott 05:01:22
Doug Eltham (Torbay Council)05:01:27
Andy Miller 05:02:13
Eiohn Hayes 05:02:14
Virginia Bell 05:02:21
Paul Cunningham (D&C Police)05:02:42
Mark Zacchia 05:02:43
Jon Haytread 05:02:49
Tom Bown 05:03:05
Kevin Colclough 05:03:41
John Grumbley (Coventry Road Club)05:03:50
Alistair Crine 05:03:56
Neil Harmsworth 05:04:15
Marc Woodward 05:04:24
Andy Hill 05:04:29
Lee Homer 05:04:35
Alan Harper 05:04:53
Gary Hollingshead (Swindon Striders)05:05:38
Alan French 05:05:44
Catherine Kilburn 05:06:04
Dave Rowe (TravelWise)05:06:07
Sharon Bowman 05:06:10
Mark Hayward 05:06:11
David Tomlin 05:06:12
Christopher Gully (Francis Clark)05:06:44
Elwyn Williams 05:06:46
James Burgess (TravelWise)05:06:47
Holger Stoecker 05:07:04
Ciaran Norton 05:07:34
Graham Norton 05:07:35
Ade McCormick (Kendoddsdadsdogsdead)05:08:15
Stephen Pond 05:08:21
Shuichi Hagimoto 05:08:46
Peter Abel (RuMC Sturm Hornbruch)05:08:49
Alan Taylor 05:09:08
Andrew Parfitt 05:09:57
Robin Bevis 05:10:06
Marcel Grund 05:10:10
Brian Merfield (Charlotteville)05:10:12
Hannah Bevis 05:10:15
Paul Williams 05:10:16
Alison Warren (Charlotteville)05:10:18
Tim Gould 05:10:36
Julia Wood (Exeter Rowing Club)05:10:39
Ian Sykes 05:10:40
Stephen Wilson 05:11:22
Andy Roberts 05:11:28
Rachel Tilley 05:11:34
Keith Chapman 05:11:41
Robert Woodger (TravelWise)05:12:15
Jonathan Day 05:12:18
Michael Jones 05:12:20
Jim Mouat (North Devon Roadrunners)05:12:26
Ivor Earl 05:12:50
Stephen Wilbraham (Torbay Triathlon Club)05:12:51
Sue Torrance (St Budeaux CC)05:12:53
Andrew Smith 05:12:54
Trevor Christophers (Falmouth Wheelers)05:13:01
Richard Willis 05:13:11
William Jenkins 05:13:17
Jason Noble 05:13:17
Tom Lucke 05:13:29
Kate Sandall 05:13:36
Andrew Nancarrow 05:13:43
Nigel Fenn (Torbay Tri Club)05:14:00
Nick Eacott 05:14:33
Paul Oakley 05:14:38
Stuart Left (Torbay Council)05:14:58
Joanna Campbell (TravelWise)05:15:00
Yvonne Hudson 05:15:04
Richard Cole 05:15:27
Simon Hart (Brighton Mitre)05:15:33
Rachael Tyers 05:15:43
Vincent Kearney 05:15:50
Martin Weeks (TravelWise)05:15:51
Neil Hobbs 05:15:59
Bob Fitz-Gerald 05:16:09
Mick Dayman 05:16:35
Stephen Browning 05:16:52
Annika Longthorpe 05:16:54
Martin Burrows (Torbay Council)05:16:56
Jane Thurnell-Read (Penzance Wheelers)05:17:14
Steve Leatherland 05:18:08
Paul Bowring 05:18:12
Julian Hobbs 05:18:52
Geoff Kearney 05:19:01
Martin Palmer (TravelWise)05:19:15
Duncan Nicholls05:19:21
Andy Cook 05:19:22
Richard Knox05:19:27
John Bunclark 05:19:32
Jonathan Couldridge (Bournemouth Arrow CC)05:19:42
Richard Andrews (Bournemouth Arrow)05:19:46
Neil Richards (TravelWise)05:20:08
Philip Edwards 05:20:23
John Jury 05:20:24
Jane Bedborough 05:20:27
Andy Conibear (TravelWise)05:20:28
Charlie Poustie 05:20:47
Andrew Cooke (RN/RM 383 Cdo)05:20:48
Neil Buckingham (TravelWise)05:20:56
Jo Church (Tamar Trotters)05:21:06
Helen Ralph (Tamar Trotters)05:21:07
Angela Sanders (Wantage CTC)05:21:14
Paul Kelly 05:21:25
Rebecca Kelly 05:21:26
Kevin Moore (TravelWise)05:21:29
Stuart Griffin 05:21:40
Jon Avey 05:21:53
Denis Doy (TravelWise)05:22:10
John Sanders 05:22:19
Marc Lehrer 05:22:33
John Roux (TravelWise)05:22:56
Eleanor Woods 05:23:43
Matthew Hoare 05:23:45
Sergei Dudnikov 05:23:49
Vanessa Fraser (TravelWise)05:24:02
David Simpson 05:24:13
Paul Hughes 05:24:28
Tim Pyle 05:24:38
Jud West 05:25:05
Alan Hess 05:25:51
Roger Matthews 05:25:59
Fred Hawker 05:26:08
Gareth Drust 05:26:16
Clare Youngman 05:26:18
Trevor Monk 05:26:27
Christopher Redman 05:26:49
Jon Drew 05:27:02
Sam Evans (Tachycardia)05:27:24
John Parkes 05:27:27
Mark Poole (Frome Tri)05:27:29
David Whitaker 05:27:29
Roy Souter (TravelWise)05:27:46
Daniel Grant (TravelWise)05:28:10
John Downes 05:28:20
Nick Rawle 05:28:31
Mel Firth05:28:35
Simon Bates 05:28:48
Piers Fulton 05:28:50
Kris Pratt 05:28:53
Adrian Youngman 05:29:04
Chris Ricketts 05:29:08
John Boston 05:29:09
John Butler 05:29:11
Barney Butler 05:29:14
Paul Eves (Kendoddsdadsdogsdead)05:29:37
Tim Wheatley 05:29:37
Dave Triffitt 05:29:39
Tim Bundy 05:29:40
Rebecca Digby 05:29:46
Steve Tyack 05:30:34
John Arnoldi 05:30:37
Ben Haynes 05:31:33
Roger Marley (TravelWise)05:31:37
Martin Mitchelmore (TravelWise)05:31:40
Jon Starkey (
Andy Starkey 05:31:44
Sharon Monk 05:31:48
Kirby James (CTC Exeter)05:31:59
Martyn Atkins 05:32:01
Simon Hill (Lyme Racing Club)05:32:07
Simon White 05:32:31
Matthew Crannis (Old School Spinners)05:32:54
Lukas Webb (Reading CC)05:32:57
Tony Earl 05:33:02
Marc Barlow (One and All)05:34:16
Mark Earley 05:34:23
Adam Paynter 05:34:50
Malcolm Davies 05:34:52
Richard Nicholls 05:35:01
Phil Chesters 05:35:18
Andrew Hawkins 05:36:13
Jayne Uppington 05:36:14
Andrew Butler 05:36:34
David Hill 05:36:34
Philip Wykes 05:37:14
Paul Roberts 05:37:29
Philippa Rowe 05:38:42
Mary-Bridget Flynn-Samuels 05:38:47
Melanie Forte 05:38:47
Adrian James 05:39:16
Jasper James 05:39:17
Tony Walters 05:39:40
Alek Lach 05:40:10
Camilla Deboo (Yealm Rouleurs)05:40:12
Helen Cain 05:40:18
Paul Young 05:40:29
Michael Willmott 05:40:30
Victoria Carpenter 05:40:31
Stewart Robinson 05:40:40
Ross Robinson 05:40:41
Claire Holloway 05:40:48
Malcolm Dinsmore 05:41:07
Jon Frost 05:41:14
Jonathan Turns (TravelWise)05:41:44
Robert Cook 05:42:24
Stephen Hudson 05:42:27
Simon Davis 05:42:39
Michael Ward 05:42:40
Robert Masters (TravelWise)05:43:41
Andy Friend 05:43:45
Alex Jelfs (The Thermocyclers)05:44:20
Adam Leibowitz 05:44:48
Karen Johnstone 05:44:58
Richard Tuckett (Exeter C T C)05:45:06
Jeffery Pascoe (Babcock)05:45:31
Santosh Chakrabarti 05:45:52
Peter Vogel 05:46:57
Richard Earl (TravelWise)05:47:25
Brett Nelson 05:47:54
Peter Walker 05:48:39
Richard Newell 05:48:59
Janine Bullen 05:48:59
Chris Houghton 05:49:41
Mark Young 05:49:46
Grant Floyd 05:50:26
Kevin Harris-brandi 05:51:11
Kevin Sedgman 05:52:32
Christine Delivanis 05:52:35
Ian Lock 05:53:09
Graham Murphy 05:53:12
Leslie Casey 05:53:35
Nigel Turner (Plymouth Corinthians)05:53:43
Helen Ghillyer 05:53:45
Rachel Short 05:53:49
Michael Day (The Thermocyclers)05:53:58
Martin Ward 05:54:22
Andrew Fox 05:54:23
Tanya Gibson 05:54:31
Wayne Tattersall 05:54:33
David Moerel (Falmouth Wheelers)05:55:51
Peter Jones (Bournemouth Jublilee Wheelers)05:56:03
Jac Hess 05:56:53
Miles Pettit 05:57:04
Paulette Steer (Somerset RC Tri)05:57:07
Pat Joseph 05:57:13
Anthony Lowe 05:57:31
Steve Worrall 05:58:25
Beverley Worrall 05:58:27
Louis Anderson 05:59:25
David Jeffery 05:59:26
Amos Smith 05:59:51
Giles Preston 06:00:29
Simon Norris 06:00:30
Timothy Meierdirk 06:00:32
Rob Simmonds 06:02:38
Lesley Dransfield (Torbay Council)06:02:47
Andy Pryke (Speleovercors)06:03:34
Gill Simmonds 06:03:41
Andy Gates 06:03:46
Michele Radant 06:04:04
Stewart Mills 06:04:43
Clare Maunder 06:06:21
Rosie Raine 06:06:22
Rob Lea 06:07:02
Angela Cross 06:07:08
Natalie Brewer 06:08:08
Peter Durante 06:08:08
James Sawers 06:09:54
Sam Powell (YOGi)06:10:03
Anne Simpson 06:10:21
David Bray 06:10:26
Julian Floyd 06:10:38
Janice Haddon 06:10:52
Pete Robbins (TravelWise)06:13:01
James Burgess 06:13:05
Ray Fisher (Somerset Road Club)06:13:14
Julia Cusack (Tri Team Glos)06:13:32
Miranda Josephson 06:15:14
Louisa Mitchell (TravelWise)06:15:14
Jo Dodd 06:15:36
Clare Brown 06:16:10
Tom Scully 06:16:20
Glen Wheeler 06:17:07
Dominic Miles 06:19:55
Ilaria Tufari 06:20:40
Penny Punch (Yealm Rouleurs)06:21:18
Matt Fice 06:22:12
Heather Fice 06:22:17
Andy Williams 06:22:48
Ian Wilson 06:22:59
Peter Emery 06:23:34
Tim Hartley 06:24:23
Jim Carfrae (TravelWise)06:25:56
Nicolette Cavaleros 06:25:56
Diane Phillips 06:27:09
Robert Bovey (TravelWise)06:28:37
Roz Collins 06:30:14
Mark Wilson 06:31:06
Jonathan Lockley 06:31:06
Peter Guy 06:31:09
Jane Parkinson 06:31:41
Ian Keith 06:32:05
Sally Hutter 06:32:34
Sue Jones (TravelWise)06:32:34
Bob Richards 06:32:35
Nigel Cook 06:33:03
Russell Owers 06:34:39
Nick Gallivan 06:37:55
Ian Norman 06:38:16
Naomi Burgess 06:38:22
Helen Steval 06:39:12
Andy Steval 06:39:16
Annet Damhuis 06:39:49
Gill Harper 06:40:38
Sally Ingledew (Teign Valley)06:43:23
Jane Hayward 06:44:33
Suzanne Moiser 06:44:36
Fiona Hess 06:44:53
Ronald Walker 06:45:48
Jonathan Brooks (TravelWise)06:46:51
Trevor Cox 06:48:06
Rachel Miller 06:48:21
Charles Bailey 06:49:10
Chris Turns (TravelWise)07:00:52
Kate Treleaven (TravelWise)07:00:56
Nicholas Webb 07:01:56
Pete Hamlyn 07:02:12
Andrew Hamlyn 07:02:19
Lester Trace (TravelWise)07:02:26
Penny Clapham 07:06:04
Chris Cook 07:06:05
Edward Greenwood 07:06:32
Trevor Reed (West Coast Whs)07:07:54
Darren Spackman 07:09:16
Sophie Mcintosh 07:09:58
Abby Smith 07:10:23
Anthony Clapham 07:10:30
Barry Whewell 07:11:12
Viv Keast 07:14:44
Allen Hodgson 07:17:11
Andrew Parrish 07:24:38
James Morrison (ctc)07:26:36
Ian Collins 07:27:47
Joanna Collins 07:27:47
William Young 07:28:43
Fiona Young 07:28:47
Nicky Evans (TravelWise)07:30:34
Jane Stephenson (TravelWise)07:30:38
Peter Hendy 07:32:38
Keith Kendall 07:33:03
Nicky Kendall 07:33:03
Mandy Brown 07:45:37
Steve Webster 07:45:39
Adrian Page 07:45:59
Colin Clark 07:53:34
Mervyn Atkinson 07:53:37
Amanda Wombwell 08:16:07
Rebecca Hughes 08:16:08
Ian Saunders 08:16:18
Michael Gray08:19:05
Nicola Latham08:19:06
Liz Crawford 08:30:48
Emma Harries 08:39:34
Susan Benjamin 08:51:35

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