Read about John's Cowan fantastic trails in the latest December issue? Our guys Dave Wardell and Ric

And talks. And talks. And talks
Read about John's Cowan fantastic trails in the latest December issue? Our guys Dave Wardell and Rich Batey joined Timo Pritzl and Cowan to ride the The World's Best Backyard in sunny California. Interviewing each of them, it soon became apparent that there really is no shutting Timo up. So for all you Pritzl fans, here's the rest of his chat with Nick Larsen.


Thai, sushi and healthy fresh stuff


Mos Def, Common, Roots...

Heores outside of riding:

The war photographer, James Nachtwey's work really impressed me. Check out the movie, War Photographer

Describe your ideal day?

Wake up with a smile, have a relaxed day with no worries popping up in my head, and have a fun session with buddies at my trails at my house in my backyard! Then, after riding, go to the beach close to my house in Berlin - it's just like being in Thailand. Next I would get a massage from my dream woman, first a massage for the muscles so I don't have to stretch before and after riding and then the 'other' kind of massage! After that, I'd have a nice barbeque under a palm tree with my friends. Before going to bed I would have a quick look at the news and be relieved to see that there is only happiness in the world.

How's the ankle healing?

Not too bad now - at the start of my recovery I even went to aqua fitness classes with pregnant women because that was the only thing I could do in the first stages off my injury recovery! I really hate not being active.

You had a part on a German soap opera - did you enjoy doing it, and have you any plans to be a TV actor again?

It was a dope job! I was able to use my own clothes and bike in the soap, so my sponsors were really happy! When I was riding my bike in the show I got paid additional stunt money, even if it was just like a little bunnyhop! I did the show about four times a week for six months and the money is still in the bank. Sometimes we just had to 'act' in the background playing Frisbee or whatever and we still got plenty for just for doing that. I received some pretty funny fan mail too. Oh, and I really don't care that some people didn't think it was 'hardcore' for me to be in a soap (can you believe some kids gave me crap for it?) - I earnt plenty and had a laugh. It was a really good experience!

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Deal with problems better and quicker, get them out of the way.

Anything interesting happening in your life right now?

The other day a lady from the Make a Wish Foundation called and told me about a boy called Marvin who has leukaemia. She said his biggest dream is to meet me!?! I was speechless, but felt so honoured. I am going to visit him soon.
Right now I'm getting ready for to go to Thailand because I still can't ride for another four weeks, so I am going to go swimming in the sun whilst my foot gets better. The beach in Berlin isn't so hot right now!

Any plans for the future?

I'd like to do more riding in exotic locations - I'd love to go to Japan, Africa and Brazil. I also want to jump over the Berlin Wall next year.

If you haven't yet checked out the 'World's Best Backyard' feature in the December issue, get yourself down the newsagents now to find about more about Pritzl, Batey, Wardell and crazy John Cowan.

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