Too much blood in Kloeden's legs?

There are a number of theories as to why Andreas Kloeden didn't pull over for Erik Zabel yesterday,

PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE Why on earth did Andreas Kloeden cross the St Flour finish line ahead of T-Mobile team-mate Erik Zabel yesterday when it's the latter who needs the points in the competition for the green jersey? That question has undoubtedly been asked in many places after Tuesday's stage, writes Susanne Horsdal. In the heat of the moment even the people around the T-Mobile team had problems coming up with a simple answer. "Erik made it to the front on this difficult stage. Andreas then led out the sprint a little too well. Erik could have used the points, and of course we're not too happy with it. But in a situation like that it's hard to slow down," said team directeur Olaf Ludwig. German rider Jens Voigt has another possible explanation. In his daily column on, the CSC-rider suggests it could have to do with simple biology. "In the sprint at the end of such a stage you don't think very clear. You pedal, produce insane watt figures and your heart beats like crazy - in a situation like that your blood is in your legs, not your brain. For sure he (Kloeden) didn't do it on purpose," writes the CSC rider. Maybe so, still it's not hard to imagine the ambience at the T-Mobile dinner table last night after the Kloeden/Zabel pas des deux went sour and following Matthias Kessler's nasty crash earlier in the stage.

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