Totschnig: I had a great day

Georg Totschnig says that Saturday was best of his sporting life, Rasmussen that he still has his ey

Georg Totschnig says that Saturday was best of his sporting life, Rasmussen that he still has his ey


Georg Totschnig (stage winner, 14th on GC @ 10'39)
"I was ill before the start of the Tour and for the duration of the first week I felt bad. I had no motivation; I wanted to go home. My morale only started to come back in the Alps. Today, I had said that I would get into a break because I knew that I couldn't stay with the leaders. I'm thrilled because it's better to win a stage than to finish in the top 10 overall. This is the best day of my life as a sportsman. I had a little bit of luck and ended up having a great day."

Levi Leipheimer (5th on stage @ 1-31, 5th on GC @ 4-45)
The first five kilometres of the Port de Pailhres were very hard for me. I had to dig really deep to get back. At the top of that climb, suddenly I felt fine and on the last one Floyd [Landis] was just pulling me along. There was no way that I could go with Armstrong and Basso.

Michael Rasmussen (8th on stage @ 1-47, 2nd on GC @ 1-41)
You get good days and bad days, and I suppose today was a semi-bad day. It wasn't a complete disaster. I lost less than one minute to the best Tour rider in history. That's not too bad. I have the King of the Mountains competition sewn up so now I'll focus on the GC. I'm still within striking distance of the yellow jersey. The Tour is still long and I hope that I'll feel better tomorrow.

Cadel Evans (14th on stage @ 4-03, 12th on GC @ 9-14):
I followed Menchov up the climb: he was setting a good tempo and that enabled me to get rid of a few riders who I'm battling with on GC, like Kashechkin. I also dropped Koeden but then he got back. These few days have been and will be the best of my Tour. Like I said right from the start, I want to see what I can do, not what people think I can do. Somewhere around 10th seems to be my limit at the moment. I'll ride conservatively on Sunday. Armstrong is one of maybe two levels above everyone else. When someone attacks, he's got another gear to click into. When you are that comfortable, you use less energy than the other riders and you can recover quicker. Little benefits like that accumulate over three weeks.

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