Tour st 16: Good day, bad day

Generally a good day for Phonak, although Floyd Landis gets some grief from his former boss, Cadel E

Generally a good day for Phonak, although Floyd Landis gets some grief from his former boss, Cadel E


Good day:

Phonak and Oscar Pereiro: A Tour stage win at last for the heavily-backed Swiss team. Having complained about George Hincapie's wheelsucking tactics on Sunday, Pereiro realised there was something to them and sat on Cadel Evans' wheel for the last few kilometres into Pau. Hopefully he'll be thanking Hincapie for the finishing lesson when they next meet.

Cadel Evans: May not have won the stage into Pau but finally confirmed he's a major tour rider of some potential by seeing an opportunity and building on it to boost himself up into seventh place. Perhaps T-Mobile would have been as well hanging on to him after all.

Lance Armstrong: He may be maintaining that the Tour is still a long way from over - and rightly so - but Big Tex has now put the mountains behind him for the last time in his career and looks set for a five-day victory march to Paris.

Bad day:

T-Mobile: The day didn't start well when the team bus driver fell ill and one of the mechanics had to take over behind the wheel. He then got the vehicle stuck in the toll booth on the autoroute. Things only got worse when Matthias Kessler ended up with concussion and spinal injuries after a crash, while Andreas Kloeden broke a wrist in another fall.

Floyd Landis: Some less than complimentary comments in this morning's L'Equipe about his former team leader's qualities as a team captain did not go down well with said captain. Landis received some very audible opinions from the yellow jersey as they came down the Marie Blanque.

Andrei Kashechkin: Hoping to pull some time back on best young rider leader Yaroslav Popovych with an attack on the Marie Blanque, Crdit Agricole's Kazakh was hit squarely on the conk by fan wielding a tube in Skywalker-like fashion. Stunned Kashechkin stopped at the roadside, then turned round to confront his aggressor, almost riding straight into the Discovery line in the process.

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