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Tracy Moseley took up 4X to improve her downhilling. It may have worked the other way around, becaus

That's all there is to write home about from Alpe d'Huez
Tracy Moseley took up 4X to improve her downhilling. It may have worked the other way around, because she won Round 2 of the World Cup 4X on what was, admittedly, a controversial course created by MBUK's French correspondent Franck Roman.

Tracy took the second spot in the downhill, so a pretty good day at the office for her after a disappointing Fort Bill where she felt the pressure for the first time.

"As soon as Steve was injured in Scotland I began to feel it was all down to me. The crowd was wonderful, but they were all saying the same thing: 'come on Tracy you can do it'. I won it last year, so they were right, but I think I tried too hard.

"For the first time I found it hard to concentrate. I had to think my way through each corner, telling myself to brake here, do this, do that, when usually it would come automatically.

I must have got ragged. You can tell because my second run was the same as my first, but I was very fired up and pedaled much more. I think I lost my smooth approach.

It was my first taste of the sort of pressure Steve goes through every race. I'm a bit gutted, but I learnt from it."

She certainly did. But the winner this weekend was Anne-Caroline Chausson once again, straight in on a new bike and straight to the top of the podium. In ominously good form.

Boom Boom rode a blinder to get 3rd behind Eric Carter and Michal Prokop in the 4X. Will someone please give Scott some money! He can't afford to race in Canada and he really should be there. He's in 4th overall. Top comeback.

For the rest of our riders it was a pretty grim event, except, possibly, for Dan Atherton who came back to beat Gee.

Pete Tomkins writes: Beautiful weather, loads of Brits riding. Only outnumbered (and outridden) by the aussies. Steve rode in great pain, qualified 6th but rode off the course and didn't score. Gutted. Don't ring Rob, he was up for it but punctured at the top. Wardell bust his bike in half in a mega crash.

Franck designed an old-style 4-cross course, which provided 1st-class racing, but didn't suit the specialists, like Dale Holmes, Oggie, Martin Murray, who all made the trip for nothing. Franck got huge stick from a lot of the specialists, who staged a 20 min, strike (very French) but all rode in the end.

DH Results
Men's DH
1: Nathan Rennie (AUS)
2: Chris Kovarik (AUS)
3: Fabien Barel (FRA)
10: Kris Hargreaves (GBR), 13: Dan Atherton, 16: Gee Atherton, 19 Will Longden

Women's DH
1: Anne-Caroline Chausson(FRA)
2: Tracy Moseley(GBR)
3: Celine Gros (FRA)
9: Ffionn Griffiths(GBR), 19: Helen Gaskell

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Lead picture: Tracy is the top Brit
Main picture: Tracy visualising the course at the start
Picture 1: Boom Boom, great comeback. Give him money!
Picture 2: Steve and ankle - gutted.
Picture 3: Franck, set a 4X course that thwarted the specialists.
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