Tribute paid to fallen cyclists

Cyclists turned out in their hundreds across Britain on Sunday to pay tribute to the four Rhyl CC ri

Cyclists turned out in their hundreds across Britain on Sunday to pay tribute to the four Rhyl CC ri


Cyclists across Britain turned out in their hundreds yesterday to pay tribute to the four members of Rhyl CC who were killed when hit by a car last Sunday. Up to 200 riders wearing black armbands joined members of Rhyl CC on their weekly club run, while cyclists across the country paid a similar tribute on their own club runs.

Rhyl CC's Maurice Broadbent, 61, Dave Horrocks, 55, Wayne Wilkes, 42, and 14-year-old Thomas Harland all died when a car skidded on ice and was in collision with them on the A547 near Abergele.

The 200-strong group included Wayne Wilkes' sons, Jo 15, and Ray, 12, who saw their father die in the incident, which left eight other riders with injuries. Maurice Broadbent's son, Alan, also joined the 37-mile ride, as did cyclists from across the country.

Harland's grandmother, Dorothy, also rode with the group. "I'm here with my husband to support the cycling community, and support my son and daughter-in-law who will never replace their son," she commented.

Before the start of the ride, Rhyl CC's Mel Royles, who survived the crash, thanked everyone for their support. "It's a shame we're having to be here under these circumstances. The events of last weekend affected a lot of people throughout the world, not just local people.

"I am amazed about the number of emails the club has been getting this week from all around the world, it's just incredible. I went to see the families at the beginning of the week, the colleagues I was riding with and the families of those we have lost. Wayne's two boys are incredible, they are really amazing young boys. They asked if they could come on the club run today. I just hope everything goes all right for the families."

The Welsh Commonwealth Games cycling team have announced their intention to pay their own respects by wearing black armbands during the upcoming Tour of Thailand.

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