UK racing: time trial first blood to Coyle

Ansell clinches London 'Cross series

VC Etoile veteran Mike Coyle drew first blood in the first time trial of the new season, winning the GS Stella weekend at Storrington, West Sussex, by just one second overall.

Coyle battled all weekend with In Gear-Quickvit RT rival Pete Tadros, winning one event each. But Coyle edged to victory by the narrowest of margins after winning Sunday’s longer event by two seconds.

The 46-year-old from Brighton has put in some good training over the winter, but was not sure just how well he was going.

“This is always a good event to gauge how you’re going,” he said afterwards. “I did a lot of long riders over Christmas, but since then I’ve not been out very much. I’ve been doing some hard sessions on the turbo, but I wasn’t really sure how I was going.”

After losing out to Tadros by one second in Saturday’s 18-kilometre event, Coyle won by two seconds in Sunday’s 34-kilometre event to take the overall win, as well as best veteran and veteran on standard.

“Pete is a classy rider so I was surprised to beat him,” added Coyle. “I went out way too fast on Saturday, I was 18 seconds up at half distance but was second. Then, on Sunday, I was 32 seconds down at half way but came back to win, so I need to work on pacing myself a bit more!”

A strong tailwind on the way out saw some riders reach around 76kph, but they paid for the wind assistance on the way back.

Rob Enslin was third on both days, and led AW Cycles to the team prize on both days as well as the overall.

Sunday’s event was marred slightly by the news that VC St Raphael’s Aran Stanton had been involved in a collision with a car. But Stanton was relatively unhurt in the incident, and after checking his equipment he re-mounted and finished 19th out of 43 starters.

Ansell clinches London 'Cross series

Finishing third in the final round in Brighton yesterday, Chris Ansell wrapped up the London Cyclo-Cross League title in style at round 16 in StanmerPark.

The Team Corridori rider was more than two minutes off the pace set by race winner Darren Barclay (Arctic Premier), while second place went to Stuart Jones (London Phoenix, who also finished second overall.

Barclay led from start to finish, crossing the line 1:36 ahead of Jones, and said afterwards: “It was an ideal course for me. It was a ‘power’ course where you can attack the climbs hard, and although it was muddy it was firm because of the frost, so it was ideal.”

Schils wins Hog Hill #8

Elsewhere, Lotto Olympia ace Dominic Schils took victory in the eighth round of the Hog Hill Winter Series at Redbridge circuit in London on Saturday, pipping Finchley RT rival Werner Otto to the line by around 10 seconds.

Further back, London Dynamo’s Richard Mason led in the bunch, 25 seconds off the pace.


GS Stella Sporting Time Trials 
Storrington, West Sussex 
1 Pete Tadros (In Gear-Quickvit RT)0:26:12
2 Mike Coyle (VC Etoile)0:26:13
3 Rob Enslin (AW Cycles)0:27:04
4 Simon Ernest (AW Cycles)0:27:11
5 Jonathan Shubert (Verulam CC)0:27:33
6 Niall Digby (Sigma Sport RT)0:27:35
7 Chris McNamara (Team Corley Cycles)0:27:38
8 Martin Smith (AW Cycles)0:27:41
9 Aran Stanton (VC St Raphael)0:27:56
10 Roger Smith (Wildside 707 RT)0:27:59
1 AW Cycles (Rob Enslin, Simon Ernest, Martin Smith)1:21:56
1 Mike Coyle (VC Etoile) 
Veterans on std 
1 Mike Coyle (VC Etoile)+3:09
1 Angela Nainby (East Grinstead CC)0:35:53
1 Mike Coyle (VC Etoile)0:51:11
2 Pete Tadros (In Gear-Quickvit RT)0:51:13
3 Rob Enslin (AW Cycles)0:53:08
4 Simon McNamara (Wildside 707 RT)0:53:29
5 Martin Smith (AW Cycles)0:53:37
6 Jonathan Shubert (Verulam CC)0:53:38
7 Simon Ernest (AW Cycles)0:54:32
8 Chris McNamara (Team Corley Cycles)0:54:49
9 Roger Smith (Wildside 707 RT)0:55:06
10 Niall Digby (Sigma Sport RT)0:56:09
1 AW Cycles (Rob Enslin, Martin Smith, Simon Ernest)2:41:17
1 Mike Coyle (VC Etoile) 
Veterans on std 
1 Mike Coyle (VC Etoile)+9:32
1 Angela Nainby (East Grinstead CC)1:09:28
1 Mike Coyle (VC Etoile)1:17:24
2 Pete Tadros (In Gear-Quickvit RT)1:17:25
3 Rob Enslin (AW Cycles)1:20:12
4 Jonathan Shubert (Verulam CC)1:21:11
5 Martin Smith (AW Cycles)1:21:18
6 Simon McNamara (Wildside 707 RT)1:21:30
7 Simon Ernest (AW Cycles)1:21:43
8 Chris McNamara (Team Corley Cycles)1:22:27
9 Roger Smith (Wildside 707 RT)1:23:05
10 Niall Digby (Sigma Sport RT)1:23:44
1 AW Cycles (Rob Enslin, Martin Smith, Simon Ernest)4:03:13
1 Mike Coyle (VC Etoile) 
Veterans on std 
1 Mike Coyle (VC Etoile) +12:41 
1 Angela Nainby (East Grinstead CC)1:45:21
London Cyclo-Cross League #16 
Stanmer Park, Brighton 
1 Darren Barclay (Arctic Premier RT)0:59:48
2 Stuart Jones (London Phoenix)0:01:36
3 Chris Ansell (Team Corridori)0:02:15
4 Andrew Waterman (Dulwich Paragon CC)0:02:36
5 Steve James (Mountain Trax)0:04:08
6 Kevin Knox (Dulwich Paragon CC)0:05:19
7 Max Filleul (Southdown Bikes)0:05:21
8 Ed Clark (Redmon CC)0:05:49
9 Ben Spurrier (unattached)0:06:03
10 Matt Seaton (Mosquito Bikes)0:06:29
1 Steve James (Mountain Trax) 
1 Matt Seaton (Mosquito Bikes) 
1 Nikki Hughes (Activ Cycles) 
1 Hugo Humphreys (Lee Valley YCC)0:29:04
2 Nick Smith (VC Jubilee)0:03:20
3 Josh Parkin (Herne Hill YCC)0:04:17
4 Jack Finch (VC Londres)0:05:04
5 Harry Franklin (Herne Hill YCC)0:05:54
6 Wilf Sinclair (Sutton CC)0:06:10
1 Josh Parkin (Herne Hill YCC) 
1 Emily Barnes (Palmer Park Velo) 
1 Tom Franklin (Herne Hill YCC) 
Under-12 girls 
1 Amy Barnes (VC Jubilee) 
1 George Finch (Herne Hill YCC) 
Under-10 Girls 
1 Georgie Hopkins (Go Ride, Bexley) 
Hog Hill Winter Road Racing Series #8 
Redbridge, London 
National B 
1 Dominic Schils (Lotto Olympia) 
2 Werner Otto (Finchley RT)0:00:10
3 Richard Mason (London Dynamo)0:00:25
4 Tom Smith (AW Cycles) 
5 Richard Hoult (London Dynamo) 
6 Dean Robson (Oxford University CC) 
7 Flavio Zappi (Oxford University CC) 
8 Samuel Parker (Oxford University CC) 
9 Andy Davies (Fit For RT) 
10 David Barnes (East London Velo) 
1 Eryn Nolan (Dulwich Paragon CC) 
Regional B 
1 Hugo Humphreys (Lee Valley YCC) 
2 Jamie Anderson (North Road CC) 
3 Jonathan Appleby (North Road CC) 
4 Henry Martin (Oxford University CC) 
5 Nick Calverey (Finchley RT) 
6 Rob Jeffroy (London Dynamo) 
Regional C 
1 Alex Christians (London Phoenix) 
2 Jim Killen (Essex Roads CC) 
3 Jonathan Tobin (Oxford University CC) 
4 Simon Asher (VC Barrachi) 
5 Simon Abram (Oxford University CC) 
6 Greg Moss (London Road Club) 
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