UK time trial round-up: Andy Tennant breaks 20 minute mark

Danny Axford wins Oxonian CC 31

Great Britain ace Andy Tennant was one of just two riders to break the 20 minute mark as Lancashire Road Club staged their 10-mile event on the fast Levens course in Cumbria on Saturday.

The Halfords Bikehut rider clocked 19min 33sec to win the event by 17 seconds from Peter Williams (Candi TV-Pinarello).

The Wolverhampton-born 22-year-old took full advantage of dry and warm conditions for the event, and although there was a cross wind on parts on the exposed course he looked powerful and calm as he sliced through the miles with ease.

Third spot went to Preston Wheelers’ John Morgan with 20:05, just four seconds ahead of Cleveleys Road Club’s Derek Parkinson, while national junior 25-mile champion Richard Handley (Maxgear RT) was fifth with 20:16.

Danny Axford takes win in Buckinghamshire

Danny Axford (Arctic Premier RT) came out on top in the Oxonian CC 31 near Brill, Buckinghamshire, on Saturday, but it was a close-run thing in what turned out to be a two-horse race.

Axford won the event by just 17 seconds from rival James Stewart (Kinesis KUK), while the best of the rest were around four minutes off the pace.

Meanwhile, in the accompanying three-up event, the A3CRG trio of Jonathan Hepper, Darryl Barr and Rob Sherrin won with 1:20:07, more than nine minutes ahead of the next best team.

Chris Birch back on top in Bath hilly

The Bath CC Hilly returned to life after a year's hiatus, on the testing 24 mile U32R course at Maiden Bradley.

In excellent conditions, Chris Birch (57'48) narrowly beat Jeff Jones (58'29) to 1st place overall. This reversed their positions of two weeks previously at the Chippenham Hilly. A returning to form Gavin Poupart clocked 58'49 to take third place, while Chris Madge (59'02) and Peter Kench (59'17) were the only other riders to break the hour.

Bath CC dominated the race on standard, with Tom Ryan (+13'11"), Pete Wilson (+11'01") and Rob Pears (+9'40") taking the top 3 slots. The team competition was close but the Chippenham Wheelers trio of Jones, Andy Cook and Simon Snowden narrowly beat Bath CC with a record time of 3:07:45.

The most unlucky ride though must have been Dave Kiddell, whose race was held up by a herd of passing cows. This delayed Dave by 1-2 minutes, and so his time of 1:00:54 would have otherwise been up in the results.

Andy Jackson wins at Goostrey

Yorkshire’s Andy Jackson made a successful trip to Cheshire when he won the Altrincham Ravens 25 at Goostrey.

The Pedalsport CC rider from Holmfirth won the event with 55min 35sec, but Raleigh Avanti’s Mike Cuming was only 27 seconds further back, while Team Swift’s Carl Ruebotham, another Yorkshireman making the trip to Cheshire, was third with 56:07.

Mammoth Lifestyle RT’s Andrew Moore proved a convincing winner in the medium gear event, his time of 1:00:09 being fastest by more than two minutes.

Paul Jones takes top spot in Dorset

Improving more than five minutes on his time in the 2008 event, Paul Jones (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) stormed to victory in his own club’s 42-kilometre time trial near Wool, Dorset, on Sunday.

Third in 2008, Jones took victory by 1min 9sec over veteran Dave Dent (Wightlink RT), who had to settle for second spot once again despite improving by 2min 48sec on his time from 12 months ago.

Dominic Munnelly fastest in CountyDurham

Scoring his second victory of the weekend, Dominic Munnelly (KB Cycles) proved fastest in Teesdale CRC’s 24.4-mile time trial on the Staindrop course in CountyDurham, round three of the Spoco Series.

Munnelly won the Barnesbury 25-mile event on Saturday, and proved it was no fluke with another win 24 hours later.

But conditions were tougher on Sunday than the previous day, with a strong wind blowing from the west meaning just two riders managed to get under the hour.

Munnelly clocked 58:01 to beat Westbrook Cycles rival Keith Murray into second by 1min 35sec, while Ian Cooke (Calder Clarion) was 26 seconds over the hour in third place.

VC Elan take team prize in Kent

As well as winning the individual prize, Paul Burrows led VC Elan to the team prize in the Kent Cycles Road Club 25-mile event at Harrietsham in Kent on Sunday.

Burrows clocked 57min 20sec to win by seven seconds from Racing rival Andrew Meilak, while he was joined in the winning team by colleagues Phil Bull and Malcolm Jefferies.


Lancashire Road Club (Levens, Cumbria, 10 miles):
1 Andy Tennant (Halfords Bikehut)0:19:33
2 Peter Williams (Candi TV-Pinarello)0:19:50
3 John Morgan (Preston Wheelers) 0:20:05
4 Derek Parkinson (Cleveleys RC)0:20:09
5 Richard Handley (Maxgear RT) 0:20:16
6 Barry Charlton (Lyme RC) 0:20:25
7 Geoff Platts (De Rosa RT) 0:20:45
8 Scott Westwood (Walsall RCC) 0:20:52
9 Callum Nicholson (Herbal Life)0:21:01
9 Paul Fleming (Preston Wheelers) 0:21:01
Team: Preston Wheelers (John Morgan, Paul Fleming, Matt Stell 22:06) 1:03:12
Women: Jessica Wilson-Young (Edinburgh RC) 0:21:56
Juniors: Laurie Brooking (Buxton CC) 0:21:08
Veterans: Over-40s: Barry Charlton. 
Over-50s:: Geoff Platts. 
Over-60s: Trevor Horton (Warrington RC)0:22:29
Over-70s: Barry Fittes (Barrow Central Wheelers)0:24:21
Oxonian CC (Brill, Buckinghamshire, 31 miles):
1 Danny Axford (Arctic Premier RT) 1:12:00
2 James Stewart (Kinesis KUK) 1:12:17
3 Tejvan Pettinger (Sri Chinmoy CT) 1:16:14
4 Roger Browne (Beeline Bicycles RC) 1:17:17
5 Gavin Rumbles (CC Luton) 1:18:37
6 Mark Cox (Didcot Phoenix CC) 1:19:04
7 Kevin Holloway (High Wycombe CC) 1:20:05
8 Nick Calkin (High Wycombe CC) 1:20:13
9 Jonathan Ashby (Climb On Bikes) 1:20:44
10 Paul Caton (TMG) 1:20:52
Veterans: Gavin Rumbles.
Trikes: Dave Keene (Bristol South CC) 1:26:07
Three-up: A3CRG (Jonathan Hepper, Darryl Barr, Rob Sherrin) 1:20:07
Bath CC (Maiden Bradley, 24 miles)
1 Chris Birch (East Street 0:57:48
2 Jeff Jones (Chippenham & Dst Whl) 0:58:29
3 Gavin Poupart (Echelon-Spiuk) 0:58:49
4 Chris Madge (Leisure Lakes RT) 0:59:02
5 Peter Kench (GWR Team) 0:59:17
6 Rob Lyne (Giant CC) 1:00:48
7 Rob Pears (Bath CC) 1:00:52
8 David Kiddell (Cavalier CC) 1:00:54
9 Stu Dodd (Leisure Lakes RT) 1:02:28
10 Chas Thursfield (Dream CC) 1:03:05
Vet on std: Tom Ryan (Bath CC) 1:09:04
Best line 2 over 1hr: Thomas Clark (Buxton CC) 1:04:08
Team: Chippenham & Dst Whl: (Jones, Cook, Snowden) 3:07:45
Altrincham Ravens CC (Goostrey, Cheshire, 25 miles):
1 Andy Jackson (Pedalsport CC)0:55:35
2 Mike Cuming (Raleigh Avanti) 0:56:02
3 Carl Ruebotham (Team Swift) 0:56:07
4 Paul Grindley (Liverpool Century RC) 0:56:30
5 Dave Crawley (Wrexham RC) 0:57:17
6 Jack Green (Westmead Team 88) 0:58:10
6 Paul Shallicker (Lancashire RC) 0:58:10
8 Steve Hankey (Warrington RC) 0:59:21
9 Adam Bailey (Macclesfield Wheelers) 0:59:40
10 Richard Hey (Holme Valley Wheelers) 0:59:45
Team: Macclesfield Wheelers (Adam Bailey 59:40, Andrew Patterson 1:00:53, Kevin Walford 1:01:21) 3:01:54
Women: Jennifer O’Connor (Macclesfield Wheelers) 1:05:57
Medium Gear Event:
1 Andrew Moore (Mammoth Lifestyle RT) 1:00:09
2 Robert Gray (Loughborough Phoenix) 1:02:24
3 Jonathan Hobson (Team Chevin Cycles) 1:03:02
4 Dave Fearon (Weaver Valley CC)1:03:27
5 Steve Hargreaves (Warrington RC) 1:04:05
6 Steve Davies (Ferryhill Wheelers) 1:04:39
Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers (Wool, Dorset, 42km):
1 Paul Jones (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 0:01:13
2 Dave Dent (Wightlink RT) 1:01:22
3 Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) 1:01:25
4 Richard Eastham (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 1:02:05
5 Dave Pickering (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 1:02:41
6 Julian Thacker (CC Weymouth) 1:03:06
7 Eamonn Deane (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 1:03:13
8 Neil Woodgate (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 1:03:28
9 Martin Beale (New Forest CC) 1:04:25
10 Martin Piper (Wightlink RT) 1:04:31
Veterans: Dave Dent.
Women: Louise Dutch (Poole Wheelers) 1:08:46
Teesdale CRC (Staindrop, County Durham, 24.4 miles):
1 Dominic Munnelly (KB Cycles RT) 0:58:01
2 Keith Murray (Westbrook Cycles)0:59:36
3 Ian Cooke (Calder Clarion) 1:00:26
4 Steve Fullerton (Richmond & Darlington CC) 1:01:52
5 Paul Stubbs (Endura Thule) 1:02:17
6 David Cook (Altura RT) 1:02:22
7 James Alder (Bishop Auckland CC) 1:02:37
8 Martin Gibson (Adept Precision RT) 1:03:19
9 Neil Payton (Team Swift) 1:03:33
10 Paul Thirling (Westbrook Cycles) 1:03:53
Veterans: Ian Cooke.
Women: Julie Cook (Altura RT) 1:07:22
Juniors: Paul Anderson (Ferryhill Wheelers) 1:10:17
Kent Cycles RC (Harrietsham, Kent, 25 miles):
1 Paul Burrows (VC Elan) 0:57:20
2 Andrew Meilak ( Racing) 0:57:27
3 Malcolm Davis (Kent Cycles RC) 0:57:46
4 Phil Bull (VC Elan) 0:58:03
5 Reg Smith (DCB Kent)0:59:25
6 Mark Newton (Sydenham Wheelers) 0:59:47
7 Lee Turner (Sigma Sport RT)0:59:49
8 David Wheeler (Rye and District Wh) 1:00:18
9 Tristan Davenne (PCA Ciclos Uno) 1:00:30
10 Richard Payne (34 Nomads) 1:00:56
Tandems: Graham Rose & Matthew Miles (Wildside 707 RT) 0:53:39
Veterans on std: Reg Smith +18:20
Women: Carole Gandy (Kent Cycles RT) 1:05:41
Novice: Stephen Berry (San Fairy Ann CC) 1:02:36
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