UK time trial round-up: Convincing victory for Bowdler

British Best All-Rounder wins by almost six minutes

British Best All-Rounder Nik Bowdler cruised to a convincing victory in the Hounslow and District Wheelers 100 on Sunday, clocking 3:43:23 to win by almost six minutes from his nearest rival.

The Farnborough and Camberley rider looked classy as he powered around the course, but a slight wind was perhaps to blame for his being about a minute off his own course record for the H100/8 at Farnham in Hampshire.

He beat Aran Stanton (VC St Raphael) into second spot, while another 43 seconds back was the promoting club’s Paul Holdsworth.

Despite not placing anyone in the top 10, the Reading CC beat the Hounslow to the team prize by just 1-11, with Paul Elcock, Steven Millard and Steven Bale joining forces to secure that category.

Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA rider Sean Childs suffered a puncture and didn’t finish the Hounslow event, making for a disappointing finish to a weekend that began well 24 hours previously.

Childs took victory in the Lea Valley CC 50-mile event at Newmarket, holding off Lyme RC rival Barry Charlton by just 15 seconds to win with 1:44:42.

Bowdler was a non-starter at Newmarket, preparing for the following day’s Hounslow 100, but elsewhere in the field were some quality rides.’s Kevin Tye was third with 1:45:02, while Mark Arnold (API Metrow) clocked a personal best by about six minutes, his 1:46:30 being good enough for fifth behind West Suffolk Wheelers’ Peter Balls.

PCA Ciclos Uno’s Paul Smith had to settle for a place in the winning team trio having lost about three minutes while struggling with a problem with his cassette.

Instone breaks course record at Broadbridge Heath

A podium contender for the national 25 next week, Ben Instone (Scientific Coaching) broke his own course record for the G25/44 at Broadbridge Heath in West Sussex when he won the South Eastern Road Club 25 on Sunday.

Instone clocked 52:27 to slice 51 seconds off his old mark from March, and it was good enough to beat scratch man Richard Prebble (Candi TV-Marshalls Pasta) by almost three minutes.

GS Stella put on a display of almost alarming conformity to win the team prize, their three counters clocking virtually the same time. Clive Powell clocked 1:00:01, Mark Jones 1:00:12 and Paul Byford 1:00:15.

Holton secures strong lead in Preston Wheelers 25

Mark Holton (Shorter Rochford) took full advantage of warm but slightly windy conditions to win the Preston Wheelers 25 at Garstang, Lancashire, on Sunday. Holton clocked 52:59, beating Maxgear RT rival Tony Greenhalgh into second spot by around three minutes.

Mount snatches victory in Northumberland

On the other side of the country riders were faced with much the same conditions, with Geoff Mount (Westbrook Cycles) winning the Tyne Road Club 25 at Bassington in Northumberland. He clocked 57:19 to win by just 18 seconds from Tyneside Vagabonds rider Andrew Fuller.

Riders generally had expected better times in the event, with the previous day having been almost ideally still and warm. But a slight wind spoiled expectations of personal best times for many.


Hounslow & District Wheelers (Farnham, Hampshire, 100 miles)
1 Nik Bowdler (Farnborough & Camberley CC) 3:43:23
2 Aran Stanton (VC St Raphael) 3:52:13
3 Paul Holdsworth (Hounslow & District Wheelers) 3:52:56
4 Paul Dring (Echelon Spiuk) 3:53:34
5 Colin McDermott (Festival RC) 3:59:51
6 Keith Garbutt (South Western RC) 4:00:47
7 David Shepherd (Liphook Cycles) 4:01:43
8 Dave Pickering (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 4:02:54
9 Paul Ember (Kingston Wheelers) 4:06:00
10 Martin Sigrist (Newbury RC) 4:06:20
Team: Reading CC (Paul Elcock 4:18:28, Steven Millard 4:21:54, Steven Bale 4:16:28) 12:56:40
Women: Lou Collins (TFN Tri Club) 4:23:04
Veterans: Nik Bowdler
Veterans on std: Ben Fielden (A3CRG) +1:21:174:38:10
Lea Valley CC (Newmarket, Suffolk, 50 miles)
1 Shaun Childs (RNRMCA) 1:44:42
2 Barry Charlton (Lyme RC) 1:44:57
3 Kevin Tye ( 1:45:03
4 Peter Balls (West Suffolk Wheelers) 1:46:25
5 Mark Arnold (API Metrow) 1:46:30
Women: Avril Swann (Team Endura) 1:57:35
Trike: Carl Saint (Yorkshire RC) 1:58:45
Team: PCA Ciclos Uno (Dean Lubin 1:47:35, Paul Smith 1:48:58, Chris Asher 1:52:25) 5:28:58
South Eastern Road Club (Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex, 25 miles)
1 Ben Instone (Scientific Coaching)0:52:27 (record)
2 Richard Prebble (Candi TV-Marshalls Pasta) 0:55:11
3 Laurence Harding (Shorter Rochford) 0:56:02
4 Lee Turner (Sigma Sport RT) 0:57:08
5 Mark Newton (Sydenham Wheelers) 0:57:47
6 Paul Thatcher (Brighton Mitre CC) 0:58:02
7 Iain Brogden (Eastbourne Rovers) 0:58:16
8 James Stuart (Norwood Paragon CC) 0:58:20
9 Rupert Robinson (Crawley Wheelers) 0:58:40
10 Mark Winton (Lewes Wanderers) 0:58:57
Team: GS Stella (Paul Byford 1:00:15, Mark Jones 1:00:12, Clive Powell 1:00:01) 3:00:28
Veterans on std: Douglas Fox (Crawley Wheelers) +13:46 0:58:58
Women: Helen Bullimore (Crawley Wheelers) 1:09:59
Preston Wheelers (Garstang, Lancashire, 25 miles)
1 Mark Holton (Shorter Rochford) 0:52:59
2 Tony Greenhalgh (Maxgear RT) 0:55:57
3 Steven Ludden (St Helens CRC) 0:56:34
4 Paul Warrener (Rossendale RC) 0:56:35
5 Paul Grindley (Liverpool Century RC) 0:56:53
6 Dave Isherwood (Team Swift) 0:57:09
7 Martin Poole (Preston CC) 0:57:19
8 Dave Ebbrell (Preston CC) 0:57:35
9 Fraser Snape (North Lancs RC) 0:58:09
10 Rob Hurst (Southport CC) 0:58:24
Team: Preston CC (Martin Poole, Dave Ebbrell, Gary Tye 59:38)2:54:32
Over-40s: Fraser Snape
Over-45s: Martin Poole
Over-50s: Phil Barnes (Lancaster CC)0:58:44
Over-55s: Dave Isherwood
Over-60s: George Nowland (Science in 0:59:13
Over-65s: Ken Hargreaves (Team Swift) 1:01:43
Over-70s: Colin Greenhalgh (Lancashire RC) 1:09:11
Juveniles: Hugh Carty (Science in 1:02:54
Women: Teresa Taylor (Team Wallis CHH) 1:06:56
Tyne Road Club (Bassington, Northumberland, 25 miles)
1 Geoff Mount (Westbrook Cycles) 0:57:19
2 Andrew Fuller (Tyneside Vagabonds) 0:57:37
3 Haydn Maughan (Ryton Tri Club) 0:57:58
4 Jonathan Gavaghan (Wansbeck CC) 0:58:07
5 Alan Lang (Derwentside CC) 0:58:44
6 Nev Martin (Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue) 0:59:14
7 Keith Sibbald (Cramlington CC) 0:59:37
8 Craig Fenwick (Tyneside Vagabonds CC) 0:59:51
9 Chris Bush (VC St Raphael) 0:59:55
10 Rick Mitford (Cestria CC) 1:00:04
Veterans: Pete Manners (Barnesbury CC) +20:41 1:02:26
Women: Deborah Hailes (Cestria CC) 1:08:57
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