UK time trial round-up: Philip Graves wins third round of Rudy Project series

Ray Hughes and James Boyman tie for first place in Reading

Securing his second consecutive victory, Clifton CC espoir Philip Graves won round three of the Rudy Project Time Trial Series at Granby, Leicestershire, on Sunday.

Graves clocked 1:03:06 to win by almost a minute from his nearest rival in a 24-rider field for the senior event. Matt Bottrill (De Rosa RT) was second, 56 seconds off the pace, while defending series champion Richard Prebble (Candi TV-Marshall’s Pasta) was third, another 1:03 behind.

Third in the last round, Michelle King (Wyre Forest CRC) won the women’s one-lap, 14-mile event with 34:31, while best junior was Westmead Team 88’s Jack Green, 17, who was just two seconds quicker than rival Tom Lackenby (De Rosa RT).

Ray Hughes and James Boyman tie for lead in Reading

Ray Hughes and James Boyman tied for first place in the Bath Road Club hilly 31-mile event near Reading on Sunday and shared the top two prizes. Both clocked 1:15:45 for the two-lap course from Southend to Bradfield.

Clarence Wheelers rider Hughes and In Gear-Quickvit RT rider Boyman could not be separated over the full distance, although Boyman was two-hundredths of a second quicker over the first lap.

It proved to be a thrilling end to a good day with reasonably strong winds leaving the course record unthreatened, although with just 22 riders tackling the hilly event the organisers were left disappointed.

“It’s a great event and we’re determined to carry on. It’s been going since 1936 and boasts some great winners such as Tony Doyle, Dave Lloyd and Andy Wilkinson,” said organiser Dave Devine.

Rob Lyne wins in Devizes

The Western TTA Hardriders Series continued with the Swindon Road Club 23-mile event at Devizes, Wiltshire, on Sunday, and it was Giant CC rider Rob Lyne who won the event.

He clocked 54:08 on a superb day with no rain and warn sunshine greeting all riders, and it proved to be a close event with less than 40 seconds separating the top four.

Lyne clocked 54:08, Echelon Spiuk rival Gavin Poupart was 34 seconds slower in second, while GWR Team’s Peter Kench took third, a second further off the pace, while Dave Kiddell (Cavalier CC) was fourth, another second slower.

Williams Moore wins Worcestershire mountain time trial

Shorter Rochford’s William Moore won the historic Jack Clements Memorial mountain time trial, promoted by Beacon RCC, over a 39-mile course at Great Witley in Worcestershire on Sunday.

Moore was almost four minutes slower than his personal best for the course, but was still quick enough to win by 1:50 from Wyre Forest CRC rival David Barnes, while Stephen Price (Worcester St John’s CC) was third, another minute off the pace.

Former TT champ wins
Warwickshire Road
Club 10

Former multiple time trial champion Stuart Dangerfield marked his return from Australia with victory in the Warwickshire Road Club 10 on Saturday, clocking 20:33 to win by 25 seconds from Scott Povey of the promoting club.

Dangerfield may prove a serious contender for the National 10-mile Championship if he stays in the country long enough to ride, but he will have his work cut out beating Michael Hutchinson.

The reigning champion with six national 10 titles to his name, Hutchinson won the St Ives CC event over the same distance at Sawtry, Cambridgeshire, on Saturday. The In Gear Quickvit RT ace clocked 20:29 to win by 1:17 from Planet X rival Sam Barker.

Paul Grindley takes Wigan Wheelers 30

Liverpool Century’s Paul Grindley won the Wigan Wheelers 30 at Garstang in Lancashire, putting 44 seconds into his nearest rival, Preston CC’s Robin Brennan. Third-placed Peter Greenwood (Clayton Velo) was the only other rider under 70 minutes with 1:09:25.


Rudy Project Time Trial Series (Granby, Leicestershire, 28 and 14 miles):
1 Philip Graves (Clifton CC) 1:03:06
2 Matt Bottrill (De Rosa RT) 1:04:02
3 Richard Prebble (Candi TV-Marshalls Pasta) 1:05:05
4 Jeremy Ponting (A3CRG) 1:05:55
5 Julian Ramsbottom (De Rosa RT) 1:06:23
6 Jimmy Wright (Preston Wheelers) 1:06:34
Espoirs: Philip Graves.
1 Michelle King (Wyre Forest CRC) 0:34:31
2 Lynne Taylor (Walsall Roads CC)0:34:58
3 Jessica Wilson-Young (Edinburgh RC) 0:35:20
1 Jack Green (Westmead Team 88) 0:32:18
2 Tom Lackenby (De Rosa RT) 0:32:20
3 Luke Grivell-Mellor (Mid-Shropshire Wh) 0:33:09
1 Ian Dalton (Cherry Valley RT) 0:32:20
2 James Heaton (Leisure Lakes RT) 0:32:27
3 Ian Cooke (Calder Clarion) 0:32:40
Veterans on target time:
1 John Woodburn (VC Meudon) (0:36:15) +8:00
2 Tony Stott (Westbrook Cycles) (0:36:36) +5:08
3 David Johnson (High Wycombe CC) (0:33:54) +4:02
Disabled: Tim Challinor (Paramount CRT) 0:35:34.
Bath Road Club Hilly (Reading, Berkshire, 31 miles):
1 Ray Hughes (Clarence Wheelers) 1:15:45
1 James Boyman (In Gear Quickvit RT) 1:15:45
3 William Girvan (North Hampshire RC) 1:16:59
4 David Pollard (In Gear Quickvit RT) 1:19:01
5 David Shepherd (Liphook Cycles) 1:19:07
6 Nicholas English (Reading CC) 1:20:07
7 Robert Watson (North Hampshire RC) 1:20:37
8 Ian White (Farnham Road Club) 1:21:48
9 John Dowling (Hemel Hempstead CC) 1:22:12
10 Ian Lakey (Newbury RC) 1:25:21
Veterans on std: Ray Hughes +10-13.
Team: Bath RC (Stuart Jackson 1:26:31, David Devine 1:31:54, Chris Morris 1:37:14) 4:35:39.
Swindon Road Club (Devizes, Wiltshire, 23 miles):
1 Rob Lyne (Giant CC) 0:54:08
2 Gavin Poupart (Echelon-Spiuk) 0:54:42
3 Peter Kench (GWR Team) 0:54:43
4 Dave Kiddell (Cavalier CC) 0:54:44
5 Derek Smetham (Dursley RC) 0:57:01
6 Simon Healey (Andover Wheelers) 0:57:13
7 Peter Graham (North Hampshire RC) 0:57:15
8 Guy Preece (Gloucester City CC) 0:57:23
9 Chas Thursfield (Dream CC) 0:57:38
10 Dave Rudland ( 0:57:43
Veterans: Derek Smetham.
Juniors: Rupert Denny (Team Swift) 1:02:50.
Beacon RCC Jack Clements Memorial (Great Witley, Worcestershire, 39 miles):
1 William Moore (Shorter ROchford RT) 1:40:42
2 David Barnes (Wyre Forest CRC) 1:42:32
3 Stephen Price (Worcester St John's CC) 1:43:20
4 Gavin Pardoe (Shorter Rochford RT) 1:43:37
5 Phil Blacker (Wyre Forest CRC) 1:43:56
6 Tim Ashton (Royal Sutton CC) 1:45:39
7 Jeff Jones (Chippenham & District Wh) 1:46:43
8 Andy Hunt (Ystwyth CC) 1:47:57
9 John Herring (Leamington C&AC) 1:48:12
10 Jon Tetley (Hereford & District Wh) 1:48:52
Veterans: David Barnes.
Women: Marina Bloom (Rugby RCC) 2:01:41.
Warwickshire RC (Salford Priors, Warwickshire, 10 miles):
1 Stuart Dangerfield (Shorter Rochford RT) 0:20:33
2 Scott Povey (Warwickshire RC) 0:20:58
3 Alastair McChesney (Solihull CC) 0:21:10
4 Jon Simpkin (Banbury Star RC) 0:21:19
5 James Wall (Stratford CC) 0:21:42
6 David Watson (Coventry RC) 0:21:44
6 Stefan Harrison (Stourbridge CC) 0:21:44
8 Matthew Purshouse (Warwickshire RC) 0:21:48
9 Phil Brown (Didcot Phoenix) 0:22:21
10 Julian Kirkpatrick ( 0:22:40
Team: Warwickshire RC (Scott Povey, Matthew Purshouse, Preston Eckloff) 1:06:38.
Tandems: Neil & Sean Sleigh (Plan B Racing) 0:22:00.
Women: Michelle Drakeley (Concorde CC) 0:24:26.
Handicap: William Douglas (VC Sevale) (9:07) 0:18:09.
St Ives CC (Sawtry, Cambridgeshire, 10 miles):
1 Michael Hutchinson (In Gear Quickvit RT) 0:20:29
2 Sam Barker (Planet X) 0:21:46
3 Peter Balls (West Suffolk Wheelers) 0:21:53
4 Neill Coventry (API Metrow) 0:22:51
5 Dave Lazenby (A5 Rangers CC) 0:22:54
6 Ben Price ( 0:22:56
6 Mick Hodson (St Ives CC) 0:22:56
8 Stuart Tarry (Team Sanjan Design) 0:23:00
9 Andre Dyason (PCA Ciclos Uno) 0:23:03
10 Paul Davis (St Ives CC) 0:23:13
Veterans on std: Neill Coventry +4:55.
Team: St Ives CC (Hodson, Davis, Butterworth) 1:09:55.
Women: Sue Fenwick (Crest CC) 0:25:10.
Wigan Wheelers (Garstang, Lancashire, 30 miles):
1 Paul Grindley (Liverpool Century RC) 1:08:01
2 Robin Brennan (Preston CC) 1:08:45
3 Peter Greenwood (Clayton Velo) 1:09:25
4 David Cook (Altura RT) 1:10:04
5 Garry Brown (Equipe Velo Ecosse) 1:10:35
6 Paul Warrener (Rossendale RC) 1:10:40
7 Paul Shallicker (Lancashire RC) 1:11:09
8 Rob Dickinson (North Lancashire RC) 1:11:34
9 Duncan Park (North Lancashire RC) 1:11:40
10 John Bellamy (CoverYour 1:12:07
Veterans on std: Frank Kerry (Lancashire RC) (1:18:11) +0:23:03.
Over-40s: Paul Grindley.
Over-50s: Peter Greenwood.
Over-60s: Ken Hargreaves (Team Swift) 1:16:59.
Over-70s: Bill Lloyd (Southport CC) 1:22:10.
Women: Lynsey Anderson ( 1:21:07.
Women vet on std: Theresa Taylor (Team Wallis CHH) (1:29:54) +4:40.
Juniors: Alexander Royle ( 1:13:00.
Tandems: Colin Knapp (Middridge CRT) & Ruth Shorter (VTTA North) 1:15:55.
Team: Preston CC (Robin Brennan, Paul Johnstone 1:12:29, Julian Markham 1:13:28) 3:34:42.
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