UK time trial round up: Rudy Project Series kicks off

Matt Bottrill wins opening round

After notching up four open victories already this season, in-form Matt Bottrill (I Ride RT) took a confident victory in the opening national round of the RTTC-Rudy Project Time Trial Series in Somerset on Sunday.

Bottrill, who for the first time is targeting overall victory in the Rudy Project Series, clocked 57:03 for the 24-mile course near Frome, and was one of just eight riders to go under the hour mark.

He pushed Scottish CU rider Colin Robertson into second spot by 1:15, while Chippenham and District Wheelers’ rider, and BikeRadar editor Jeff Jones completed the podium with third, another 13 seconds off the pace.

“It was good to get my first national win under my belt,” said Bottrill afterwards. “I felt it went quite well but it was a difficult course, undulating and with a tough one in seven climb in the middle.

“It was a bit unexpected, and I was over-geared when I hit it which took me by surprise a bit, but it was all OK.”

Sarah storey was untouchable in the women's race:
Sarah storey was untouchable in the women's race:

Sarah Storey outclassed Rebecca Romero in the women's race

In the women’s event, Olympic ace Sarah Storey made an emphatic debut for the Horizon Fitness Race Team with victory by more than three minutes in the women’s race, beating fellow Olympian Rebecca Romero (Orbea-For Goodness Shakes) into second spot.

She clocked 1:00:45 - a time which was the 11th fastest on the day from the while field of 101 riders across all categories.

While Cult Racing’s Michelle King took third, Trudi Sammons (Reading CC) was fourth and moves into the lead in the early overall series table.

Dave dent was fastest veteran on actual time:
Dave dent was fastest veteran on actual time:

Dave Dent, quickest veteran on actual time

Wightlink-Offshore’s Dave Dent was fastest of the veterans with 58:50, winning that category by 25 seconds which would’ve put him fourth in the senior event, while Richard Prebble (Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta RT) was second best vet with 59:15.

Evergreen John Woodburn (VC Meudon) was best of the veterans on target time with a plus of 4:29, while former British Best All-Rounder Carole Gandy (Born 2 Bike) was second with +4:27.

Jack green was best junior:
Jack green was best junior:

Jack Green was best junior rider

Of the younger riders, 18-year-old Jack Green (VC St Raphael) was top junior with 1:01:13 to beat 16-year-old rival Rob Yeatman (Team Zappis) by just nine seconds, while best of the espoirs was Robert Ward (Behind the Bikeshed) with 1:06:46.

And in the disabled category, Rebecca Rimmington and Lora Turnham (Melton Olympic CC) took the honours in the adjusted times, holding off Simon Richardson (Big by 1:12.

Allan Ridler wins Army Spring Cup 27km

Staff Sergeant Allan Ridler secured victory in the Army Spring Cup 27-kilometre time trial in Dorset, covering the Gallows Hill circuit near Andover in 36:31 to win by just 16 seconds.

The 33-year-old Royal Engineer from Tidworth clocked an impressive time to win by a narrow margin from’s Bryce Dyer, while CC Weymouth’s Julian Thacker was third in the open event.

While Ridler won the Army Cup, second in that competition went to his Army CU team-mate Shaun Green, sixth overall with 38:35, while Louise Elliott clocked 42:40 to win the women’s prize.

Joel Wainman breaks course record in Spalding CC event

Yorkshire’s Joel Wainman made a successful foray into Lincolnshire when he broke the course record in Spalding CC’s hilly 25-mile event at Bourne on Sunday.

The Team Swift rider clocked exactly 58 minutes to win by Cherry Valley RT rival James Coleman, whose time of 59:36 made him the only other rider to go under the hour mark.

On a tough course from Bourne through Corby Glenn and on to Grantham, Wainman made the most of a dry day which had little wind.

While Kiveton Park CC’s Philip Morgan took third, veteran Rob Brewer (Lincoln Wheelers) was fourth, while Louise Day (GabbyDay Cycle Sport RT) was best of the women.

Simon Bateson wins Eastern Counties 10-mile race

East London Velo rider Simon Bateson won the Eastern Counties CA 10-mile event in Suffolk on Sunday, which went ahead despite problems with a level crossing making the ride back to HQ difficult.

The crossing was permanently shut by Network Rail, causing an eight-mile detour around country lanes for the riders as they headed back to HQ for their well deserved team and cake.

Bateson clocked 21:22 to win by 31 seconds from Dave Kendall, while his team-mate at Finsbury Park CC Matt Molloy was third, just one second further back.

East London Velo were also celebrating victory in the women’s event, with Ruth Middleton clocking 25:02, while Finsbury Park had to be satisfied with the team prize as Tim Boulton joined Kendall and Molloy in the winning trio.

Torrential downpour spoils Plomesgate CC 10-mile event

A torrential downpour shortly after the start turned the Plomesgate CC 10-mile event in Suffolk into something of a lottery, with grit and mud washed across the roads causing several punctures and obstructions.

A downpour after about 40 minutes washed debris from the fields onto the roads in several areas from Sudbourne to Tunstall, and for those who avoided the punctures there was still the village church at Tunstall to contend with.

A wedding at the venue meant more than 100 guests were parked around the area, and the three marshalls did a good job in keeping those in fine attire apart from the Lycra-clad time triallists!


RTTC-Rudy Project Series (Frome, Somerset, 24 miles):
1 Matt Bottrill (I Ride RT) 57:03
2 Colin Robertson (Scottish CU) 58:18
3 Jeff Jones (Chippenham & District Wheelers) 58:31
4 Scott Walker (I Ride RT) 59:40
5 Ben Anstie (Chippenham & District Wheelers) 1:00:13
6 Robin Ovenden (Caesarean CC) 1:00:16
7 Rob Lyne (Giant CC) 1:00:29
8 Dean Robson (Somerset RC) 1:01:09
9 David Kiddell (Cavalier CC) 1:01:19
10 Simon Haward (Severn RC) 1:01:39
Espoir: Robert Ward (Behind the Bikeshed) 1:06:46.
1 Sarah Storey (Horizon Fitness RT) 1:00:45
2 Rebecca Romero (Orbea-For Goodness Shakes) 1:03:51
3 Michelle King (Cult Racing) 1:04:34
4 Trudi Sammons (Reading CC) 1:06:39
5 Emilie Fisher (Orbea-For Goodness Shakes) 1:07:03
6 Jessica Wilson-Young (Edinburgh RC) 1:07:16
1 Jack Green (VC St Raphael) 1:01:13
2 Rob Yeatman (Team Zappis) 1:01:22
3 Josh Teasdale (Team Endura) 1:02:17
Veterans on actual:
1 Dave Dent (Wightlink-Offshore) 58:50
2 Richard Prebble (Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta) 59:15
3 Ian Cooke (Team Swift) 59:17
4 Rob Pears (Bath CC) 59:36
5 Derek Smetham (Dursley RC) 1:01:46
6 Steve Smales (Boneshakers RT) 1:03:09
Veterans on target time:
1 John Woodburn (VC Meudon) (1:11:55) +4:29
2 Carole Gandy (Born To Bike) (1:11:57) +4:27
3 Tom Ryan (Bath CC) ( 1:09:34) +4:05
4 Dave Dent (Wightlink-Offshore) (58:50) +3:52
5 Rob Pears (Bath CC) (59:36) +3:33
6 Pete Wheddon (Bad Tri) (1:03:25) +2:35
1 Rebecca Rimmington & Lora Turnham (Melton Olympic CC) 1:00:23
2 Simon Richardson (Big 1:01:35
3 Tim Challinor (Dave Mellor Cycles) 1:03:10
Army Spring Cup (Andover, Dorset, 27km):
1 Allan Ridler (Army CU) 36:31
2 Bryce Dyer ( 36:47
3 Julian Thacker (CC Weymouth) 37:27
4 Eamonn Deane (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 37:32
5 Leighton Girling (Poole Wheelers) 38:20
6 Shaun Green (Army CU) 38:35
7 Ian Diaper (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 38:44
8 Vincent Hounsome (Gillingham & District Wheelers) 39:58
9 Rob Selby (Army CU) 41:17
10 William Simmons (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 42:38
Women: Louise Elliott (Army CU) 42:40.
Veterans: Eamonn Deane.
Army Veterans: Shaun Green.
Spalding CC hilly (Bourne, Lincolnshire, 25 miles):
1 Joel Wainman (Team Swift) 58:00 (course record)
2 James Coleman (Cherry Valley RT) 59:36
3 Philip Morgan (Kiveton Park CC) 1:04:09
4 Rob Brewer (Lincoln Wheelers) 1:05:20
5 Richard Birkin (Nottingham Clarion) 1:06:46
6 Chris Carter (Witham Wheelers) 1:07:11
7 Craig Thursby (Boston Wheelers) 1:07:12
8 John Odell (Nottingham Clarion) 1:07:20
9 Asa Elkington (Boston Wheelers) 1:07:57
10 Dafydd Houston (Peterborough CC) 1:08:13
Veterans: Rob Brewer.
Women: Louise Day (Gabbyday Cycle Sport RT) 1:09:13.
Juniors: Harry Bellars (Spalding CC) 1:21:45.
Women veterans: Sarah Bentley (Spalding CC) 1:27:32.
Trikes: Peter Holland (Lincoln Wheelers) 1:31:21.
Eastern Counties CA (Newmarket, Suffolk, 10 miles):
1 Simon Bateson (East London Velo) 21:22
2 Dave Kendall (Finsbury Park CC) 21:53
3 Matt Molloy (Finsbury Park CC) 21:54
4 Mick Hodson (St Ives CC) 22:09
5 Nick Jackson (Cambridge CC) 22:14
6 Colin Wilgress (Essex Roads CC) 22:17
7 Neill Coventry (API Metrow) 22:18
8 Damien Foy (Eagle RC) 22:20
9 Robert Davies (CC Sudbury) 22:22
10 Richard Evans (Chelmer CC) 22:23
Team: Finsbury Park CC (Dave Kendall, Matt Molloy, Tim Boulton 23:05) 1:05:52.
Women: Ruth Middleton (East London Velo) 25:02.
Juniors: Dean Fuller (Flitch Crono) 22:59.
Juveniles: Declan Davis (CC Breckland) 26:10.
Handicap: John Beaufoy (Eagle RC) (9:53) 15:21.
Trike: Eric Marsh (PCA Ciclos Uno) 28:54.
Plomesgate CC (Sudbourne, Suffolk, 10 miles):
1 Nino Piccoli (TT Weekly) 22:14
2 Matthew Miles (Arctic Premier RT) 22:22
3 Andrew Leggett (Stowmarket & District CC) 23:15
4 James Eman (Anglia Velo) 23:21
5 Glenn Taylor (Shorter Rochford RT) 23:28
6 Gavin Moore (Stowmarket & District CC) 23:59
7 Duncan Murphy (Diss & District CC) 24:32
=8 Philip Peacock (St Ives CC) 25:11
=8 Chris Nudds (CC Breckland) 25:11
10 Antony Birt (Ipswich BC) 25:14
Veterans: Matt Miles.
Women: Bev Whelan (Plomesgate CC) 32:50.
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