Ullrich wants DNA taken in Germany; Malaysian record in Langkawi

Jan Ullrich wants to cooperate with the German investigators in Bonn, but doesn't want his Swiss sal

Jan Ullrich wants to cooperate with the German investigators in Bonn, but doesn't want his Swiss sal
PIC BY LE TOUR DE LANGKAWI Ullrich wants DNA taken in Germany Jan Ullrich has agreed to submit to a DNA analysis, but doesn't want it to be the saliva sample taken by Swiss police last year. Ullrich is under investigation in Germany for fraud against his former T-Mobile team. The prosecutor in charge of the case, Fred Apostel, wants to compare Ullrich's DNA with that in the blood bags seized in Operacion Puerto last year. Ullrich has asked a Swiss court to stop the hand over of his existing sample to the Germans. The appeal process could take up to a year and a half. "If it [the Swiss court] rules in favour of turning over the sample, Ullrich's lawyers can appeal again," Apostel told the Associated Press. "Why he opposes the comparison is anyone's guess." But Ullrich's camp said that it is not a stalling tactic. "Jan Ullrich is ready to give a saliva sample on German soil," his lawyer, Johann Schwenn said. "The prosecutors should have made that public. We are discussing the details now with the Bonn prosecutors." Malaysian record in Langkawi Up to 18 Malaysians will take part in Le Tour de Langkawi (Feb. 2-11), a record for the host nation since the race was given hors categorie status in 2004. Leading the locals will be reigning Sea Games road race gold medallist Suhardi Hassan. The 25 year-old will captain Team Malaysia. The team will have the oldest Malaysian in the race - 27 year-old Yusof Nasir - in it, along with 21 year-old Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi and 19-year old climbers Safwan Sawai and Rauf Nor Misbah. The team is completed by utility rider Ahmad Fallanie Ali (23), who will target breakaways on the flat stages. "We have a young team this time, and it means we have to prove that we have what it takes to ride in a race of this level," said Suhardi. "Now is our chance to prove ourselves." The second Malaysian team is the Malaysia-MNCF Development Team, which will be led by 25 year-old sprinter Jasmin Ruslan. He will need to play a leading role in a squad that includes 20 year-olds Saiful Anuar Aziz, Amir Mustafa Rusli and Faris Abdul Razak. Also in the team are 24 year-old ex-mountain biker Zamri Salleh and Harnizam Basri, who is getting his chance after being named as a reserve in the two previous editions. Apart from the two national programmes, Malaysia's first continental team will be in action. The Le Tua Cycling Team is preparing to make an impact after a solid performance in the Jelajah Malaysia. Le Tua is usually a sprinters' team, with Nor Umardi Rosdi, Nor Rizuan Zainal and Ahmad Haidar Anuawar playing a support role to their sprinter Anuar Manan. But the team will also attack the general classification with new Indonesian signings Tonton Susanto and Amin Suryana. Local fans will also get to see the country's first two exports on show with Ng Yong Li making his professional debut for Portuguese continental team Vitoria-ASC and Loh Sea Keong riding for Chinese-registered continental team Discovery Channel-Marco Polo Cycling Team. "This is sort of yet another milestone the 12th edition of LTdL has achieved, although I must stress that you shouldn't expect too much from our local boys at this moment," said LTdL chief operating officer Datuk Naim Mohamad. "As you can see, most of them are youngsters, so they need some time to develop. But we still can hope to see some surprises." Got a comment? Discuss this in the Procycling forum. What else is new? Check out the Procycling blog.
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