US mountain bikers urged to show support for National Park rule change

Hikers don't want cyclists to be allowed onto trails

Mountain bikers are being urged to show their support for a proposed rule change by the US National Park Service (NPS) that could open up thousands of miles of trails.

As we reported last year, with over 170 forests and grasslands administered by the NPS and a potential 130,000 miles of trails, the move is a mouthwatering prospect for cyclists. The aim is to update legislation which hasn't been changed since 1986, when mountain biking was still in its infancy.

A 60-day consultation over the proposal is due to end on Tuesday 17 February, and the International Mountain Biking Association are urging cyclists to send their comments to the NPS, especially as there are several groups who oppose the rule change, including the American Hiking Society.

IMBA have put together a sample letter to make the process easier for you.

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