Velodroom bike light - first look

Automatic rear unit that doubles up as brake light

Every now and again at BikeRadar, we find a product that we feel deserves more attention. The new light from Estonian brand Velodroom is a perfect example.

It's a seatpost-mounted LED unit that will turn itself both on and off – on when it detects movement and off after 60 seconds of inactivity. What really sets it apart from the rest is the automative brake light function; an in-built accelerometer detects braking forces and shines a bright red light just like the ones you'd see on a car.

The light also features a sensor that adjusts brightness according to your surroundings. It's technology similar to that found in many smartphone screens, and should save energy while ensuring you're always as visible as possible. 

Talking of power, the light gears up via USB and is said to hold four times the charge of a pair of AAA batteries. The light is quick and easy to remove from a bike, and stays switched off when removed from the seatpost, so there shouldn't be any flat battery issues.

The output of the LED unit manages to meet British, German and Danish standards, and is said to strike a perfect balance between being seen and dazzling other road users. It's supposedly visible from a distance of 300m.

Velodroom light internals

Velodroom are currently approaching the final steps to getting the product onto the market. They've also created a pledge on crowdsource platform Kickstarter, aiming to raise £34,600 – they're a third of the way to that  target, but with only five days left to run they're going to need a big push.

The regular light is available in white and black colours. A limited BMX edition is also up for grabs – it gets an aluminum body and a stainless steel strap. For more information and a video demonstration visit the Velodroom Kickstarter page.

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