Video: BikeRadar's best products and moments of 2011

Our staff look back at their year highlights

As 2011 draws to a close, we thought it'd be a fitting time to gather some of our staff into a room, stick them in front of a camera and ask them to talk about their favourite products and cycling moments of their year.

From a product point of view, 2011 has been no different to any other in the sense that technology continues to charge forward at an extraordinary rate. The trickling down of electronic shifting technology with Shimano's more affordable Ultegra Di2 groupset has arguably been the biggest leap this year and BikeRadar Editor Jeff Jones reckons it's going to be everywhere in 2012. What Mountain Bike's Matt Skinner, Mountain Biking UK's Ric McLaughlin and Cycling Plus' Rob Spedding also chip in with their product highlights in the video below.

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Writing for cycling websites and magazines, our staff have been fortunate enough to have their fair share of biking moments in 2011. From MBUK's Rob Weaver and Ric McLaughlin lining up on Alpe d'Huez for the Megavalanche to Rob Spedding blowing up towards the end of July's La Marmotte sportive, there are some experiences they'd like to repeat - and some they'd sooner forget!

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