Video: MBUK take on the Scrapheap Challenge

The ultimate mountain bike bangers

With a workshop full of broken, bent and otherwise random parts MBUK’s Doddy and Collins Boy reckoned they could build the ultimate mountain bikes.

We say ‘ultimate’, we actually mean ‘monstrously atrocious’. With the Cruddy Fox and Mon Mobile assembled there was only one thing left to do… Race them!

The boys were set a range of fiendishly life-threatening tasks by the ‘handsome’ and multi-talented Ric and set about going head to head in their very own Junkyard Duel.

Check out the latest issue of Mountain Biking UK (on sale now) for the full low down, results and ‘ultimate’ (there’s that word again!) spec lists.

To watch the video click play below:

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Also in MBUK 240 you’ll get to check out a very special MBUK Super Bike. We'll have videos to follow soon.

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