Video: Police catch bike thieves in Bristol

CCTV helping in war on crime

Bike theft is a scourge of cyclists everywhere so we take great delight in seeing the perpetrators getting their comeuppance – particularly when it’s on our own doorstep.

Avon and Somerset police have been cracking down on bike thieves, with theft falling eight percent in the last year. Tactics such as covert operations and more dedicated teams have helped, and were the reason for nailing three thieves in Bristol recently.

In the first incident caught on CCTV, a thief is apprehended by two covert officers who'd watched him steal a bike at Cabot Circus shopping centre. He's since been charged.

The second shows a light fingered pair operating together with cutting tools to steal a bike. Again, they're unaware of being watched by security staff, who moved in before they could make their getaway. One received a referral order and the other a conditional discharge.

In a separate covert operation, six people in Redcliffe, Bristol were arrested for conspiracy to steal and going equipped to steal. As a result, three bikes – believed to be stolen – were recovered from a house in Barton Hill.

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