Video: With My Own Two Wheels

Changing people's lives with bicycles

With My Own Two Wheels is a new film that aims to empower those in developing countries with a bicycle as a means of transport.

Created by Jacob Seigel-Boettner, the 42 minute film shows how bicycles have changed the lives of five people. From a health worker in Zambia who is able to reach many more patients to a Guatemalan farmer who helps himself and his neighbours reduce their impact on the environment, the film tells the stories of how these people use one humankind's most remarkable inventions for significant benefit.

Shot on location in Zambia, Ghana, India, Guatemala and California, it was produced in collaboration with bike-orientated development organisations World Bicycle Relief and Bikes Not Bombs.

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With My Own Two Wheels Trailer

The second video, Pedal=Sight, shows how a bicycle can change someone's life. It follows Bharati, a 14 year old Indian girl who was given a bike by a local women's group in order to ride to secondary school. This reduced her travelling time so that she had more time to study, working towards her goal of becoming a district supervisor.

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Pedal=Sight, an award-winning short by Hubub Films about Bharati, one of the characters in the full-length cut of With My Own Two Wheels.

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