Video: X-Fusion hang with Brian Lopes

Tag along for a coffee, pancakes and suspension testing

X-Fusion headed down the coast of California from their Santa Cruz headquarters for a day to join four-cross legend Brian Lopes in his hometown of Laguna. 

In this video, they watch him pull some espresso shots and whip up a batch of mean looking pancakes, before heading out on his home trails for some suspension testing.

Lopes rips a few of his local routes including the trail named PG’s. This is steep and features a drop where many an advertisement has been shot – look for it at 3:13. Even Lopes calls PG’s “one of the most technical, steep trails we have here in Laguna”. 

For the shoot, Lopes’s Ibis Mojo HD rig was outfitted with X-Fusion's latest Vengeance HLR Coil fork (you can read our review of the 2011 air version here) and the new Vector Air HLR rear shock, which sported a custom-tune for his DW-Link bike.

X-Fusion offer a specific DW-Link tune to riders for a US$50 upcharge. “Basically, if you have a DW bike it’s like getting a factory tune,” John Hauer, X-Fusion’s marketing manager told BikeRadar. “But since it’s from the manufacturer, you still get your two-year warranty, unlike going through a suspension service company like Push.”

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Video credit: Produced and edited by Root One Media, Justin Brantley, Devin Schmitt

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