Vittoria launches sub-200g shoe at Eurobike

Unidirectional carbon saves sole weight

At first glance, there appears to be little more than a change of graphics for Vittoria’s range-topping Unique shoes. However, turning one of the patent black, pearlescent white or chrome shoes over reveals that the previous woven carbon sole has been replaced by a stiffer unidirectional version.

The tricolore decorated carbon surface also now features a textured area to prevent cleat slippage. With all these changes, claims Vittoria, a single size 8 shoe weighs in at a flighty 195g.

The second string Premium shoes have been treated to a new set of straps, as well as the option of the same unidirectional carbon sole as the Unique instead of the standard nylon and carbon mix.

A new lower budget Ace road shoe will feature the a similar three-strap closure as the Unique, but with the lower budget woven carbon sole as an option.

Off-road, Vittoria has added the new Supra mountain bike shoe to its range. With a similar micro-buckle and two-strap system as the Premium road shoe, the Supra is made from a Lorica synthetic and microfibre upper with a reinforced polyurethane injection molded toe cap.

The aggressive polymer outsole promises good grip but also comes with removable toe studs for that extra bit of traction.

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