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Thor Hushovd is surprised but felt he could win, Hincapie is disappointed but congratulates 'amazing

Thor Hushovd is surprised but felt he could win, Hincapie is disappointed but congratulates 'amazing


Thor Hushovd: "I started fast, but not full on, from the river I went 100% to the finish, I could not have gone one second faster. For me, I think I did the perfect time trial. To win the prologue you have to have great form, and I've been confident for the past two weeks, I think this is my best form ever. I am surprised to win, I knew from my fifth place in Lige I could win and now I've shown that given the form I can win time trials.

"It will be important for the team to defend the jersey for the next few days. Tomorrow we'll let a few guys go and then the team will get behind them and chase, no doubt with the other sprinters' teams as well, and I'm sure it will be a sprint and we'll see who's fastest. My goal is still to win a sprint stage to show that I'm one of the best sprinters."

George Hincapie: "It's very disappointing, I was really gunning for this prologue, I felt like I had a good shot. I was maybe in a too big a gear over the last 500 metres, but Thor did an amazing ride and he deserves the win. I went out on the route this morning and I think that recon was critical, I knew I had to take some risks on the corners. I felt like I did the corners well.

"With any Tour you get stir crazy just sitting around for the three or four days beforehand, so it's good to get the first day behind me and just a shame I didn't get the win. Hopefully one of those will come in the next couple of weeks. Now I'm just going to take things day by day, I've never been a possible contender. I don't even know what my chances are but I know I'm in my best shape ever and I'm just going to do my best. Maybe by tonight when things have settled down I'll be a bit happier with my second place."

David Millar: "I've got to be happy just to be here and feeling that good all the way round. It feels right being here, this is something I've been dreaming about, I'm living a dream. Ecstatic."

Alejandro Valverde: "I think the prologue went extremely well for me, but I've still got to take things bit by bit, there's still a lot of Tour ahead of us. There may be no clear patron, but there are some very strong teams, one of which is Discovery."

Cadel Evans: "The Tour's under way and the prologue didn't go too badly. For the next week I'm just hoping there won't be any problems for me personally. There will be some exciting racing ahead that's for sure."

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