What to do when you've brought the wrong bike

Ride it anyway!

We've all been there.  You rock up to the trail centre/ dirt jumps/ downhill track, only to discover that your bike isn't right for the conditions.

Whether you've lost the plot and picked a carbon fixie to tackle the Fort William World Cup downhill run or (more likely) simply put the 'wrong' tyres on and forgotten about it, there's nothing quite like that sinking feeling.

But don't let it ruin your day. Have a bash anyway. We're not talking about Fort William DH on a fixie, mind. But if it's 'just not quite right' the MBUK crew think you should give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Watch a video of the day's filming now for a teaser:

We are having trouble displaying this video

Check the new issue of Mountain Biking UK (out today) to find out how the Wrecking Crew got on with making the most of the 'wrong' kit when they tackled Cwmcarn in their Short Straw Challenge. 

* Seriously thinking about giving the Fort Bill DH a go? Then you need MBUK's downhilling guide. In the latest issue pro downhillers Will Longden and Marc Beaumont give you the skills you need to ride downhill without fear!

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