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It was all the fours for Steve Peat, Tracy Moseley and Liam Killeen here in Switzerland and the over

Disappointment is a sign of success...
It was all the fours for Steve Peat, Tracy Moseley and Liam Killeen here in Switzerland and the overall impression, despite Anne-Caro's street-long win over the elite women, is that the young riders are kicking at the door.

Steve was 4th, Tracy was 4th (Ffionn was 5th) and Liam was 4th. Good results, especially in Liam's case as he punctured and is an espoir (under 23) a mere babe in arms in XC terms.

Greg Minaar is 22 and, despite a grueling 4X foray on Friday, he was impressively quick on his way to being World Champion. Back to the great form which won him the World Cup.

All you can say about Anne-Caroline Chausson is that she ought to race the men. She was 12 seconds ahead of Sabrina Jonnier. And 20 something ahead of the British girls which will annoy Tracy greatly.

Gee Atherton was World No 2 in the Juniors, but 11 seconds behind a flying Sam Hill (AUS). Sam was quicker than Steve Peat. Gee's time would have put him 12 in the Elite, just behind MBUK/SCOTT'S Will Longden.

Will's result was excellent after a dodgy couple of years, but he wanted to be in the top ten so that one place will make the difference between a wintry smile and a straight face. But he did well.

Dan Atherton was 25 and the unsung Kris Hargreaves 30 in Elite men.

There'll be some disappointed Brits kicking the cuckoo clocks in Lugano tonight, but you can only be disappointed if you seriously expect great things. And the British camp did, for all the right reasons, look for a British Champion.

What a change from the days when we went into paroxysms of joy if a British rider got into the Top Ten. British riding has come a long way.

Lead pic: Anne-Caro, World Champion by 12 seconds
Main Pic: Greg Minaar, World Champion and back to his best
Pic 1: Gee Atherton, No 2 Junior in the World
Pic 2: Liam Killeen, 4th in the XC, as an under 23
Pic 3: Steve Peat, 4th - he won't feel that good enough.

Downhill Results

DH Top Five
Men's DH
1: Greg Minaar (RSA)
2: Mickael Pascal (FRA)
3: Fabien Barel (FRA)
4: Steve Peat (GBR)
5: Chris Kovarik (AUS)

Women's DH
1: Anne-Caro Chausson (FRA)
2: Sabrina Jonnier (FRA)
3: Nolvenn Le Caer (FRA)
4: Tracy Moseley(GBR)
5: Fionn Griffiths (GBR)

Junior Men
1: Sam Hill (AUS)
2: Gee Atheron (GBR)
3: Cyrille Kurtz (FRA)
4: Kyle Strait(USA)
5: Duncan Riffle (USA)

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