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Sunday 7th September Filip Meirhaghe (Bel) took the gold in the Mens' XC; Nick Craig was top Brit at

News from Lugano
Sunday 7th September

Filip Meirhaghe (Bel) took the gold in the Mens' XC; Nick Craig was top Brit at 24th (+11.19); Oil Beckingsale was 34th (+14.49).

Saturday 6th September

The Men's Downhill is now over:Greg Minaar is now World Champion, snatching a sub-1 second victory over Mickael Pascal. In a hard-fought race, Steve Peat was 4th; Will Longden was just outside the top ten and Dan Atherton was next highest-placed Brit at 25th.

In the Juniors, his brother Gee has won Silver, with Sam Hill coming home 11 seconds ahead of him.

Anne-Caroline Chausson continues her domination of the womens' race, taking first ahead of Sabrina Jonnier. Tracy Moseley was 4th and Fionn Griffiths 5th.

Mens Downhill
1 Greg Minaar
2 Mickael Pascal (+0.92)
3 Fabien Barel (1.33)
4 Steve Peat (+2.37)
8 Cedric Gracia (+8.48)
11 Will Longden (+12.53)
25 Dan Atherton (+20.71)
30 Kris Hargreaves

Womens Downhill
1 Anne Caroline Chausson
2 Sabrina Jonnier
3 Nolvenn Le Caer
4 Tracy Moseley (+23.08)
5 Fionn Griffiths (+24.83)

Junior Men Downhill
1 Sam Hill
2 Gee Atherton (+11.00)
3 Cyrille Kurtz (+14.98)

Friday 5th September
The 4X races took place under floodlights, with a large crowd out to see the action.

Michal Prokop took gold in the Mens ahead of Carter, Lopes and Schmith, taking an inside line from the startand zooming to gold; Anne-Caroline Chausson fairly predictably dominated the Womens' race ahead of Jonnier, Kinter and Buhl, also getting ahead right from the off, despite this being pretty much her first outing all season. Both riders won all their heats.

In the Men's heats, the usual 4X suspects rode strongly, but Wade Bootes missed the gate and Gracia crashed off the course in the semis.

Of the Brits, Dale Holmes rode well to a 7th place in the Small Final; Scott Beaumont ran to 17th in the 1/8th finals; Gee Atherton was a creditable 32nd in the 1/8th finals. Fionn Griffiths ran to 6th in the Small Final behind Tara Llanes. Tracy Moseley, Steve Peat and Will Longden DNS.

Final Results
1 Michal Prokop (Czech Republic)
2 Eric Carter (USA)
3 Brian Lopes (USA)
4 Brian Schmith (USA)
5 Wade Boots (Australia)
6 Cedric Gracia (France)
7 Dale Holmes (Great Britain)
8 Pablo Galan Carrasco
1 Anne-Caroline Chausson (France)
2 Sabrina Jonnier (France)
3 Jill Kinter (USA)
4 Melissa Buhl (USA)
5 Tara Llanes (USA)
6 Fionn Griffiths (Great Britain)
7 Anneke Beerten (Netherlands)
8 Katrina Miller (Australia)

U23 XC
Liam Killeen punctured, but was just off the podium with a 4th place.

Thursday 4th September
The 4Cross and downhill seeding runs took place yesterday to seed the final runs on Friday (4Cross) and Saturday (downhill).

Gee Atherton is racing in the Junior DH Category, and seems determined to put the mockers up the other 70 seeded juniors by qualifying 1st on the course, and putting 7 seconds into his nearest rival. He's going to have a long wait on Saturday before his potential rainbow-jersey run...

In the Elite Men, his brother Dan has turned in the fastest Brit qualifying run in 9th place, just ahead of Crawford Carrick-Anderson.

Of course, there are a lot of tactics in just how much you want to give away in your qualifying...Neither Tracy Moseley or Will Longden started in 4X qualifying.

Results from the 4X tonight as soon as we get them...

Downhill Qualifying
Elite Men
1 Mickael Pascal (France) 4.46.90
2 David Vazquez Lopez (Spain) 4.48.58
3 Greg Minnaar (South Africa) 4.51.72
4 Oscar Saiz Castane (Spain) 4.52.64
5 Marcus Klausmann (Germany) 4.52.69
6 Cedric Gracia (France) 4.53.34
7 Rich Houseman (USA) 4.55.37
8 Joel Panozzo (Australia) 4.55.57
9 Daniel Atherton (Great Britain) 4.55.96
10 C Carrick-Anderson (Great Britain) 4.57.22
15 Will Longden (Great Britain) 4.59.83
21 Kris Hargreaves (Great Britain) 5.02.48

25 Fabien Barel (France) 5.05.88
26 Nathan Rennie (Australia) 5.06.81
31 Steve Peat (Great Britain) 5.08.61
60 Eric Carter (USA) 5.22.04
74 Bas De Bever (Netherlands) 5.36.59

Elite Women
1 Anne-Caroline Chausson (France) 5.28.16
2 Celine Gros (France) 5.34.60
3 Sabrina Jonnier (France) 5.40.21
8 Tracy Moseley (Great Britain) 5.46.05
9 Mio Suemasa (Japan) 5.49.17
10 Vanessa Quin (New Zealand) 5.50.70
15 Fionn Griffiths (Great Britain) 6.05.95

Junior Men
1 George Atherton (Great Britain) 4.49.59

4Cross Qualifying
1 Michal Prokop (Czech Republic)
2 Eric Carter (USA)
3 Mickael Deldycke (France)
4 Scott Beaumont (Great Britain)
5 Wade Bootes (Australia)
6 Brian Lopes (USA)
7 Lucas Tamme (Czech Republic)
8 Greg Minnaar (South Africa)
8 Roger Rinderknecht (Switzerland)
10 George Atherton (Great Britain)
11 Mick Hannah (Australia)
12 Bas De Bever (Netherlands)
16 Cedric Gracia (France)
25 Nathan Rennie (Australia)
30 Dale Holmes (Great Britain)
DNS Will Longden

1 Anne-Caroline Chausson (France)
2 Katrina Miller (Australia)
3 Jill Kinter (USA)
4 Tara Llanes (USA)
5 Sabrina Jonnier (France)
6 Fionn Griffiths (Great Britain)
7 Jana Hor kov  (Czech Republic)
8 Anneke Beerten (Netherlands)
9 Mio Suemasa (Japan)
10 Melissa Buhl (USA)
DNS Celine Gros (France)
DNS Tracy Moseley (Great Britain)
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