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The weekend of the 18-19th September saw the final round of the UCI World Cup in Livigno, Italy, wit

The final round of the 04 World Cup took place last weekend in Italy
The weekend of the 18-19th September saw the final round of the UCI World Cup in Livigno, Italy, with XC, 4X and DH competitions all coming to a close. In the Downhill, we already knew that Peaty had done enough to win the competition - he didn't even have to ride in Italy - but ride he did, and to a creditable eighth place. With the pressure off after the Worlds, Steve decided to style it up with two cans of Stella strapped to his helmet...

Top British finisher was Dan Atherton in sixth, his younger brother Gee missing his start time. Doh! Fabian Barrel won the event, closely followed by the Aussie pairing of Nathan Rennie and Sam Hill respectively.

After round five Tracy Moseley looked like she could conceivably get a top three placing in the overall. Luck didn't go her way in the end as she injured herself in the week leading up to Livigno and couldn't ride, meaning she ended up in fourth. In the women's race Celine Gros won with Brit riders Rach Atherton, Helen Gaskell, Fionn Griffiths and Jules Coventry coming in seventh, eighth, thirteenth and sixteenth respectively. In the overall it was a French one-two with Celine Gros winning the season-long competition followed by Sabrina Jonnier.

In the 4X Brit BMXer Dale Holmes came fourth behind Michal Prokop, Brian Lopes, and Cdric Gracia. Michal Prokop's win meant he won the World Cup 4X comfortably with 220 points compared to Gracia's 118. The Czech rider has ruled the 4X competition this season and deserves some recognition - he's an amazing rider.

The women's 4X was won by America Jill Kinter, closely followed by compatriot Tara Llanes. Llanes finished up second in the overall behind Sabrina Jonnier who made up for her disappointment in the DH by being crowned 4X World Cup Champion.

Livigno also hosted the final round of the XC World Cup, and this time, as it has been all season, the Cannondale duo of Roel Paulisson and Christoph Sauser came first and second respectively. This pair also took first and second in the overall, but swapped positions, Sauser being confirmed World Cup Winner for 2004. Liam Killeen came home in thirteenth on Sunday and finished up in eighth overall, but there's a chance he'll move up to seventh when the Filip Meirhaege situation is resolved.

Gunn-Rita Dahle confirmed her position as the number one female racer of '04, winning the race and adding World Cup Champion to her Olympic title and World Championship win.

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