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Arnie to play Johan? Jack Nicholson as Super Mario? Dolph Lundgrun as Eki? All these and more in you

Arnie to play Johan? Jack Nicholson as Super Mario? Dolph Lundgrun as Eki? All these and more in you
PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE Last week we reported that there are plans for a movie about Lance Armstrong's life, with Oscar winner Matt Damon taking the title role. We asked for your suggestions of which actors you would pick to play the main characters in Lance's life, and these are some of the suggestions: Dream cast for Lance's biopic: Will Ferrell as Ekimov Benicio del Toro as Rubiera Ben Stiller as Pe¤a Owen Wilson as Landis Make it happen! John Backer How about: Dr Michele Ferrari - Christopher Lee Filippo Simeoni - Bruce Willis ("You want a piece of me?") Lance Armstrong - Keanu Reeves (in Matrix role with ability to dodge any bullet fired) Jan Ullrich - Homer Simpson ("Donuts - Mmmmmmmmmmm - dooh!") Tyler Hamilton - Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean character) Joseba Beloki - Lee Majors (Six Million Dollar Man - "We can rebuild him") Mario Cipollini - Jack Nicholson ("I might be getting older, but I've still got it baby") Richard Mead, Bedford, UK The Lance movie - Who would play Eki? Dolf Lundgren, that's who. Matthew McCaffree As much as I hate Jon Bon Jovi, he looks a lot like Lance Armstrong. I know he isn't as big a star as Matt Damon, but Bon Jovi looks like him in the face more and his body is like a cyclist's whereas I think Matt Damon is physically more like Roger Hammond Damian Moss Parma OHIO USA Here are my suggestions for the parts in the new Lance Armstrong film: Johan Bruyneel - the brains behind US Postal's success would have to go to someone who could convince an audience of his intellectual know how, so how about Dr Magnus Pyke? George Hincapie - Lance's faithful lieutenant is an ideal role for Clive "Corporal Jones" Dunn Lance Armstrong - William Shatner Sheryl Crow - played by Barbara Windsor Jan Ullrich - the chap who played Herr Flick in 'Allo 'Allo Andrew Trinder I think Mike Myers in his "Dr. Evil" persona should be the sports editor from Le Monde with Robin Williams playing Dr. Ferrari :) I wouldn't be surprised if Mike Myers could also do a great spoof on Lance as well. Jeff Boston, MA, USA Bruce Willis or Mickey Rourke look more like Armstrong, but a little old eh. J-lo is a no-no to fit the Crow profile. Try Drew Barrymore. Craig Merren, Cayman Islands Lance: Billy-Bob Thornton George: Bill Clinton (THE ladies man!) Johan: Arnold Schwarzenegger (LE directeur!) Sheryl: Demi Moore (the older woman!) john.
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