artyn Ashton has declared himself fit, six months after breaking his back, and is using a series of

First the World, next weekend EXETER!

Martyn Ashton has declared himself fit, six months after breaking his back, and is using a series of demos to get right back to normal after a crazy road trip to the World BikeTrials Championships with Hawyes, Akrigg and Tongue.


“I’m still struggling with fitness, but it’s more general lack of bike fitness after the lay off than specific to my back injury. I’m back on top of it enough to start expressing myself when I ride again.. And I’ve got plenty of Animal Demos to keep me working hard. We’re opening an Animal Store in Exeter this weekend if readers would like to come along.”

You did well in the World Championships despite everything?

“I wouldn’t say well, but better than expected. I rode in the Spanish and the Czech rounds and I was top ten in the Czech Republic which was beyond my wildest dreams really. The rest of the time we were hooning around Europe in the Animal truck taking footage for our new video. You wait until you see some of the stuff Chris did, he’s amazing!”

What’s that, trials or street?

“Neither really, I just call it Chris riding. I predict trials will come to an end the day we release that video because all the trials riders will realise everything’s been done.”

You don’t seem that worried, considering you er.own a trials bike company.

“I’m not. Trials riders will always try to get better, to beat the terrain and their fear. That’s what drives us. But Chris is scary at the moment.”

To come back this well after a very serious injury is pleasing to Martyn and to his fans, and he’s also delighted with his interview in the current MBUK.

“I loved it, particularly seeing all the old pictures again. And the portrait of me. I’m used to riding pictures but I don’t see myself as the sort of person who has a portrait of himself in a magazine. It’s very strange.”

I wouldn’t say strange exactly, Mart, nothing that a shave and a facial wouldn’t cure.


Pictures 1-3: Hawyes, Tongue and Akrigg; teaming up with Ashton in new video project.