Backyard Jam

Those Fielder Brothers, eh! What are they like? As if they haven't disturbed the neighbours enough o

Ollie Fielder throws the world‘s sickest garden party

Those Fielder Brothers, eh! What are they like? As if they haven’t disturbed the neighbours enough over the years, they decide to build a massive wallride held up by 450ft of steel scaffolding at the end of their cul-de-sac. And that’s not all – the street is filled with huge wooden ramps. And they’re so hardcore they haven’t even asked permission from their Mum.


There’s a good (although not necessarily sensible) reason for all this. Ollie has decided to hold a low-key jam, combining the best bits of King of Dirt comps with street-style freeride obstacles. Forget the Red Bull Bike Battle, Austria’s Ride to the Lake and Whistler’s Crankworx Festival – this is the Cul-de-sac Cup, freeriding UK style. Hell, we’ll even be stopping for tea.

But hang on! We’re giving away the plot. You’re gonna have to buy MBUK when it goes on sale on Wednesday 31 August to find out what happened. £3.95 to you. or the newsagent might let you have it a bit cheaper if you pop round the back clean the windows.


Warning This month’s issue contain’s the words ‘gargantuan’ and ‘preposterous’, and the phrase ‘mental toughness’.