Bad mechanics

Danny Briggs is conducting a research survey into consumers' experience of bike mechanics. Now's you

Ever had a bad bikeshop repair experience?

Danny Briggs is conducting a research survey into consumers’ experience of bike mechanics. Now’s your chance to share all those back street horror stories…


He’d like you to email him with answers to these questions:


1) What did you take the bike in for?
2) Was everything explained fully to you/ did they listen to everything you had to say?
3) What was the problem you had with the shop i.e. were you over charged for the repair, was your bike not repaired to the standard you expected etc?
4) Did you expect a better service?
5) Were you injured as a result of bad workmanship?
6) If the problem was owing to bad workmanship do you think it would have been avoided if the mechanic had been trained and registered with a qualification such as Cytech?
Send your answers to Danny Briggs with the subject ‘research’.