Bar Fly combines tire levers and a CO2 inflator

This clever design is currently seeking crowdfunding

Occasionally we come across a product that evokes the ‘smack yourself on the forehead, why didn’t I think of that reaction.’ One such product is the Bar Fly Air Lever, which combines a C02 inflator and tire lever into one.


According to Bar Fly the idea came after spending 20 minutes on the side of the road in a freezing rainstorm, struggling with a mini pump and unable to find tire levers to aid in the tube repair.

Considering most people, whether they’re riding a road bike or an MTB, are carrying a set of tire levers and a CO2 inflator, combining the two into a package that is claimed to weigh less than 50g leaves one less thing for your to lose or forget.

Bar Fly says the Air Lever’s inflator works with both Presta and Schrader valves and is compatible with any threaded CO2 cartridge. As with many inflators, the rate of airflow can be regulated by twisting to the canister. The lever itself also gives you something to hang onto so you don’t end up like Flick in A Christmas Story with a CO2 canister stuck to your hand — before you ask, yes, this has happened to me and it’s no fun.

The set will come with an Air Lever and a standard tire lever

The levers themselves are plastic, they should not cause any damage to carbon rims and the wide prying surface should make quick work of stubborn tires. For those extremely tight tire beads, Bar Fly includes a second inflator-free lever.

Woody Tate of Bar Fly also told BikeRadar that they have some additions to this concept in the works in the form of other tools, and possibly even bundling the whole platform into a tool roll or saddle bag. But Tate doesn’t want to lose sight of the task at hand: “For now we’re focused on making sure the current Air Lever is well received and we’re able to deliver to shops/dealers, distributors and our Kickstarter backers.”

Starting at $24, the Air Lever will ship with levers — one with the inflator and one standard tire lever. This is Bar Fly’s first Kickstarter campaign and at the time of writing it has raised just over $6,500 with 27-days remaining in the campaign. For more info or to donate check out the Air Lever campaign.


Bar Fly has opted to use aluminum for the inflator head and plastic for the prying surface