Battle of Radstock

Some of the MBUK team were invited to Charge's secret testing ground yesterday - the "Radstock Recre

MBUK team invited to secret testing ground

Some of the MBUK team were invited to Charge’s secret testing ground yesterday – the “Radstock Recreation Ground”, where ‘Battle of Radstock’ comp was held.


The riders included Timo Pritzel (Scott / Oakley / SRAM), who flew in especially from Germany for the comp, Chris Smith (GT/ Hyundai / Muc Off), Matt Scott (Curtis), Chris Akrigg (Mongoose / Hyundai / Muc-off), Joscha Forstreuter (Nicolai / Adidas / SRAM) and Garry Penman (Charge Bikes).

Doddy, Mike and Jamer enjoyed a hog roast and a (few) beers with the other carefully selected members of the press that were invited, while the riders showed their best moves on the bowls and ramps that Cunny, Neil, Ren and Dave have worked 24/7 for the past few months to get just right.

Chris Smith showed his local colours by carving some smooth lines around the bowls- his manager Nick Larsen looked on like a proud father, bless. Garry Penman had everyone chatting- the guy is burly with a capital burly, and his tail-whips, 360’s and other tricks were the most clicked there.

American nut bar Jim Dechamp jumped the massive double, and managed to use this speed to transfer right across the pack of jumps to the left of it by hitting the first of the take-off’s on that side- unfortunately he over jumped it and went down hard, damaging his bike and knocking his head pretty hard. Timo Pritzel took sick trick of the day- without a doubt, by back-flipping the biggest double there, which had a super-mellow trannie. The other riders there deemed it as impossible – and Garry Penman foolishly told everyone he’d eat his own faeces if Timo flipped it – he was last seen flossing his teeth.

A great day was had by all, and the weather held out- we all had our fingers crossed as it was supposed to get really grotty- the sunglasses were out, and beer was supped by all. Marvellous.

Here are the results:
1st Timo Pritzel
2nd Chris Akrigg
3rd Matt Scott
4th Garry Penman
5th Chris Smith


Please note: Radstock Recreation Ground is not for use by the general public. Don’t try and find it, you won’t. Riding there is by invitation only. And no, you can’t find it on Google Earth.