Bay Area commuters urged to light up the night November 3

Daylight savings time puts commuters in the dark

'Rollin' Lightnin'' is happening at 6 p.m. on November 3.

On Sunday, November 2, California falls back to Pacific Standard Time. On Monday, November 3, cyclists will commute home in the dark.


With that in mind, Cordarounds, maker of bike-to-work pants, is proud to present a cycling awareness event unlike any other — one with the modest goal of being visible from the International Space Station.

“Whether you’re a daily bike commuter in the Bay Area or someone who wants to learn more about urban cycling, please meet us after the night ride at Gestalthaus — where the beer will flow like sauerkraut and vice versa,” said Cordarounds spokesman Chris Lindland.

At 6 p.m., participants will ride from the Embarcadero’s gigantic bow and arrow to the Gestalthaus in the Mission, illuminating the streets with all manner of reflective and light-emitting commuter gadgetry.


Leading minds in lighting — Timbuk2 reflective bag designers, MonkeyLectric LED wheel makers, Instructables craftsmen,  and Rock the Bike rappers — will be on hand to bedeck your bike and body with their brilliant inventions. In addition, there will be someone on hand to unload about 4,000 glow sticks left over from Burning Man, so one lucky rider will be able to travel through town as a phosphorescent mummy.